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Can you produce your steel components faster than traditional production methods, reducing production costs using a metal 3D printer?

Probably not. Let me explain why.

Isn’t it true that when we talk about 3D steel printers, the first thought that immediately comes to mind is prototyping only instead of production due to the huge management costs?

Isn’t it true that most 3D printing systems are standard and before they can become completely efficient, if ever at all, several months in time are spent along with the risk of wasting money?

The reasons behind these problems is that 3D steel printers currently on the market ARE GENERALISTS. They are not in ANY WAY SPECIALIZED in the use of materials.

Probably you might think that having the possibility of changing between different materials is a very good thing, but i must tell you: the problem is precisely THIS!

The opportunity of changing materials to print (not entirley freely due to restrictions in the choice of printable materials) increases the operating costs that any company using a 3D printer incurs in. This is precisely the cause of a low production efficiency.

If your goal is to be able to prototype using different materials, it is likely that a generalist metal 3D printer will satisfy your needs, but if you want to produce small or medium-size batches, high operating costs and the increase in production time start to weigh significantly on a company’s economy.

Producing small or medium-size batches with a generalist system is the WRONG choice because of:

  • Huge management costs due to the variety of inert gases used and the supply of powders made up of different materials.

  • Extensive times that do not justify mass production, and limit the user to prototyping only.

  • Enormous costs for the purchase of metal powders that make the cost of every single print skyrocket.

Only with a specialistic system, which uses the metal you need the most, you can optimize you production.

 3D4STEEL was created to solve these problems – The FIRST 3D printer for STEEL

Ivano Corsini

I’m Ivano Corsini, (Co-Founder and CEO of 3D4STEEL – the first 3D printer for steel) creator of the CORSYSTEM method – Open Powder 3D Metal Printing. It is the definitive system which allows you to produce faster and earn more by simply inserting an industrial 3D printer within your mechanical production flow.

For over 30 years, I have dealt with mechanical engineering in all its various facets. Since 2013, I have concentrated all my energy and resources in the development of a 3D printer which produces mechanical components in steel. This enables the fast adoption into the industrial production of small and medium-sized batches, thereby clearly reducing costs.

These results are ONLY obtainable thanks to an in-depth 3D printer customization.

There is no standard one size fits all 3D printer which will also allow an  optimization of production and reduction of costs.

Each customer has very specific needs that vary from sector to sector.

I do NOT provide standard 3D printers. Each printer is completely customized according to specific production requirements of any single customer.

I’m the RIGHT person to work with when:

  • You are looking for a 3D metal printing solution to produce steel components with complex designs that are difficult to manufacture using other production methods.

  • You want to manage YOUR production and become free from having to use external suppliers for the production of your spare and mechanical parts in metal.

  • You want to utilize an advantage of more than thirty years experience by those who fully understand all of your mechanical manufacturing needs.

  • You prefer to buy a 3D printer for steel customized to your production needs and not a standardized solution which may not be adequate.

  • You want to get rid of all the restrictions of having to use specific powders and the printing parameters that other 3D printer suppliers impose.

  • You want to deepen your knowledge about 3D printing for metals and the need to understand how to make it profitable for you.


Speed up your production by printing IN 1/5 THE TIME


Chose your supplier in total freedom without any obligations to anyone. CHOSE THE POWDER YOU WANT!


Thanks to our patented internal POWDER RECYCLING SYSTEM with our 3D4STEEL using only Nitrogen.


We offer a complete package of technical training so that you and your technicians can be independent right away.

The FIRST 3D printer for STEEL

developed for mechanical production.

Why specialized in steel?

As previously mentioned, I have been dealing with mechanical industry for over 30 years. Steel, in all its forms, is definitely the most widely used metal as it is the most versatile, cheapest and readily available.

As a result, my partner, Gabriele Carloni and I have concentrated all our efforts on developing a 3D printing system for non-reactive steel powders which are completely customized to my production needs, and which guarantees maximum convenience and practicality for industrial production. And moreover complete safety for the operators.

This decision has allowed me to produce more than 83% of the components and spare parts that I was normally forced to order from external suppliers. Our system allowed me to completely free up the costs of storage and supply by producing them only when I needed them.

Why is it specifically designed for mechanical production?

Thanks to our patented powder distribution system made specifically for steel, the 3D4STEEL printer can reach production speeds that exceeds 5 times the average speed obtained by general 3D printers.

This printing speed allows you to produce small to medium batches with higher cost savingscompared to traditional method in terms of material costs, production times, procurement times, and time to market.

In addition, 3D4STEEL technology allows the creation and production of complex shapes that produced traditionally would be very expensive or even impossible.

  • Produce 5 times faster up to the 83% of your mechanical components, thanks to the steel’s specialized system.
  • On-Demand production only when you need.
  • Free up the costs of storage.
  • Save on material costs.
  • Cut time of production. 
  • Easily reproduce complex designs that you would never be able to produce with traditional methods.

Choose the supplier of steel powders you prefer in complete autonomy,

without having to undergo any kind of buying constraints with savings up to 78% on the cost of powders.

Citing the Wohlers Report, one of the most important 3D printing guides, 3D printer manufacturers impose constraints on the use of third-party powders and force the customer to buy directly from them.


Many companies produce materials for the AM industry.

Some of them sell material products directly to AM system manufacturers, who in turn brand the material as their own and supply it to customers […]

For many system manufacturers, material sales are an important source of recurring revenue […]

They (system manufacturers) often resort to physical, electronic, and/or software locks to prevent the use of “unauthorized” (third-party) materials.”

Source: Wohlers Report 2017. 

To further reduce production costs, I wanted to guarantee to our 3D4STEEL customers complete freedom in managing their parameters and printing profiles.

I called it the “OPEN POWDER” system.

“OPEN POWDER” allows you to freely choose your powder supplier, enabling the choice to buy it directly from them without any middlemen which results in unjustified price increases. You can guarantee savings of up to 78% on the cost of steel powders and have the possibility to freely choose between MORE THAN 150 TYPES of different steel powders. This gives you the opportunity to meet even the most demanding customer requests.

Many times you will encounter extremely demanding and precise customers.

You’ll be able to please that demanding customer who asks for that particular piece, with particular dimensions, with the kind of special steel that only they require.

In order to facilitate the selection of the most suitable material for your needs, we will give you all of the recommended printing parameters for each type of powder tested, so that you can start producing the components you want NOW AND WITHOUT DIFFICULTIES.

Do you want to use a powder that has not yet been tested on our machine?

Our 3D4STEEL team specialized in steels will be at your complete disposal to provide you with all the necessary analysis needed for your project. We will take you step by step towards the development of YOUR special powder.

Producing your special components becomes easy and above all possible.



Save up to 46% on procurement and tooling costs using ONLY NITROGEN. 

To print 3D metal powders, you already know that the printing chamber where the powders are processed and sintered / fused must be in a modified atmosphere.

You should also be aware that to print any reactive material (such as Titanium and Aluminum) and to avoid any risk of explosion, the printing chamber must be filled with an inert gas.

For these two materials, aluminum and titanium, you are forced to use the Argon.

Argon (Ar) is a colorless and odorless gas which is heavier than air, asphyxiating, used in various work activities.

Being heavier than air, this gas becomes very difficult in handling and can seriously endanger the health of anyone using it.

To print steels and non-reactive materials in general, on the other hand, the printing chamber must be filled with nitrogen.

Nitrogen (N) is a noble gas easily extracted from the air through a specific generator, with a specific weight lower than oxygen, and therefore less dangerous for humans.

Another extremely important economic factor to take into account for a 3D printer is the cost of these gases.

On average, a 5-liter Argon cylinder costs around 100 euros, while a nitrogen bottle costs only half that price at around 54 euros.

If a nitrogen distribution system is already available in your company, you can connect the 3D4STEEL printer directly to your plant, thus reducing equipment costs even further and making production even cheaper. 
Using Nitrogen only guarantees you:

  • Less risk for operators.

  • Maximum specialization in the use of steels and in general of all the non-reactive powders.

  • Supply and operating costs cut in half.

Increase the security of your business and safeguard the health of your operators thanks to the automatic POWDER RECYCLING system.

Increase the security of your business and safeguard the health of your operators thanks to the automatic POWDER RECYCLING system.

If you have already even partially faced 3D printing using metal powders, you will surely be aware of the fact that processing and handling metal powders is a crucial aspect.

I have placed extreme attention and care in solving these problems.

As you know, when a 3D printing process in SLM comes to its completion, in addition to having the printed component, the printing plate is full of unused powder which needs to be filtered and sifted to be put back into later use.

Usually this powder recycling procedure involves the use of an imposing machine outside the 3D printer. Sometimes all the non-sintered powder collection is even done by hand. Having to move the printing plate from one machine to another involves a great risk of dispersing fine particles in the air as well as extending the time needed to get the piece ready.

All of this translates into high operator risks and higher production costs.

To ensure that the operator is exposed as little as possible to steel powders, and to ensure that the production process takes place faster, we have patented a POWDER RECYCLING system completely internal to 3D4STEEL printing.

Thanks to our patent, the recovery of unused powder is done AUTOMATICALLY.

Our POWDER RECYCLING system allows you to automatically recover up to 98% of the steel powder that you did not use during the printing process.

The powder automatically passes into a sieve filter to make sure that all the impurities are eliminated. It is then put back into the tank as if it were a new, never before used power which is ready again for immediate use.

3D4STEEL is CE, ATEX e REMARK® patented.

  • Increase safety for your operators limiting the exposure to metal powders.
  • Speed up production process reducing the printer’s supply time.
  • Automatically replenish the tank of the powders.
  • Limit gauges thanks to the internal system of powder recycle.

Do you want to know how YOU can adopt the 3D4STEEL system in your production process so that you can earn more? 

You will be contacted IMMEDIATELY by a 3D4STEEL expert. You can request a free no-obligation evaluation in order to better understand and find answers to any of your questions.

I want to make this declaration:
The 3D4STEEL system IS NOT ALWAYS THE IDEAL SOLUTION for every company.
It may happen that we start working together and shortly thereafter you may realize that your company is not quite ready to adopt this type of technology.
For this reason, by collaborating closely with the customer, we carry out an ENHANCED ANALYSIS on each company, allowing us immediately to understand how we can help to optimize the production process with the printer 3D4STEEL.
If our system is not a beneficial one for your needs, we will be the first to recommend the solution that suits you best.
There are situations which could help you understand even now if ours is the ideal solution for you.

Let me tell you clearly that 3D4STEEL is NOT suitable for your company if:
You want to produce components in Aluminum, Titanium, or some other so-called “reactive” material.

  • The design of your pieces are too simple and to produce them through ANY 3D printer would be much more expensive than producing them with traditional technologies.

  • You are looking for an economic alternative that allows you to “see if it is a technology that can work for you”.

    Let’s be clear. Time is money. It’s useless to waste your valuable time if you’re simply looking for a cheap 3D printer because you’re curious about how it works and you’re not interested in adopting a tailor-made production method for you.

  • You want to adopt a generic solution instead of a personalized one.

  • You prefer a 3D printer that allows you to move between different materials and that makes you spend a lot more in tooling and storage because it is not specialized in using the material you need.

  • You choose to go to a manufacturer of 3D printers that forces you to buy dust directly from him and then make you pay a lot more. 

If your needs do not reflect what you have just read above, then it is very likely that we will be able to work together.

I invite you to click on the button below and fill out the contact form. One of our experts will contact you for free and without obligation,within a few hours.

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