SPOSTARE By relying on Service you will be throwing precious money away for the following crucial reasons

By relying on Service you will be throwing precious money away

for the following crucial reasons

If you rely on Service you will wait for ages to have a component printed in 3D, which in the long term

will cost you nearly more than a printer

Service is nothing other than an online or offline printing shop which will print the component you need in 3D on demand.

The component will be delivered by courier, directly to your company, like ordering a pizza by phone or a parcel from Amazon.

“How convenient!” you will say, “so I can avoid the cost of running a 3D printer, I don’t have to produce my component and I don’t have to fork out heaven knows how much money to buy a 3D printer!”

Printing a component in 3D in a printing shop is not the same as printing your photographs online or by your trustworthy photographer.

The component you are ordering from strangers, via the screen, is not a personal photograph, which, if delivered late doesn’t mean it  is the end of the world; the component ordered is necessary:

either as a spare part for one of your machines or as a piece to sell directly to a customer: you cannot rely on some unspecified person!

To have your precious components printed in 3D by some guys sitting behind a computer is like marrying someone you have just been chatting to on the net, without even having met them!

Even I, at the beginning when I was dealing with sub mechanical supply, wanted to rely on Service, thus avoiding the purchase of a 3D printer; luckily I woke up and changed my mind, before it was too late!.

The 2018 Wohlers Report, the most detailed annual report on 3D printers, reveals that additive manufacturing is increasing by 21%, topping the 71 billion dollars forecasted by investors.

Many companies, like Nike, have seen an annual increase in turnover of 13% , thanks to additive systems.

Therefore 3D printing can truly make you rich, but only if you own a 3D printer, not if you rely on third parties, spending three times as much as you earn with your printed component, and waiting for days for the delivery of your order.

Discover the 4 crucial reasons which will keep you away from 3D printing Service as if it were the plague  endangering your production

1)Say goodbye to your privacy forever

The first reason which will give you nights of terror is that, working with Service, you have to upload your CAD designs, that is the project adapted for 3D printing of the component you want to print.

You have to upload your CAD on Cloud which will indicate the Service to use.

Cloud is a virtual warehouse which contains all the CAD designs of the customers of Service.

It is an ether warehouse, to which Service has access to get your designs.

How do you feel about putting your company’s personal data online? What if a hacker, the pirates of the web, violated Cloud and stole your files?

For example, Cloud Apple, considered by everyone to be inviolable, has been hacked several times:

The famous Sky presenter, Diletta Leotta, has had intimate photos, which had been uploaded on Cloud Apple, stolen.

Nobody is safe on the net!

Even if you are not guarding the secrets of Area 51 in your company, you still own important information which must never ever end up in the wrong hands or in the claws of some nosy competitor, especially if they are exclusive designs covered by strict industrial secrets.

Thanks to the way in which Service works, your files will always be at the mercy of the web and you will lose your cherished privacy and the protection of your know-how.

Therefore be on guard because:

The protection of your Copyright is exposed to serious threats in the great sea of the web

Today your email password can be hacked, do you really believe hackers are not able to violate a common Cloud server!

2) Goodbye Freedom!

The benefit of owning your 3D printer is that you transform your long infinite waiting time to have a component in 3D printing, into a Just in Time production!

At last you won’t have to rely on external suppliers, or fill your warehouse months beforehand with spare parts, which you may need one day

You will be able to print your components in 3D directly when you need them.

What’s more you will lighten your warehouse load and avoid burdening your turnover with unsold goods, which will remain to rot in the dark corners of your company.

You will reduce warehouse costs and speed up your production, printing components in a few hours, which with traditional methods would take months to produce.

Too bad that you won’t be able to exploit this benefit if you put yourself in the hands of Service, in actual fact you will find yourself forever tied to an external supplier, who won’t print your components just in time, as soon as you order them, but only when there is enough work for the machines to be activated.

Service will make you pay the operative costs of the printer even when they are not working, otherwise they would not be able to recover the investment and make a profit.

You have to know that with Service the “prime” option which you can exploit with Amazon does not exist: don’t expect to upload your CAD file today and see your component printed in 3D delivered by courier the next day.

Service which offer you the prime option will make you pay for it through the nose.

Service must wait for other orders from other customers, compatible with your order, to exploit one printing plate and save on the production costs.

Of course they save and you in the meantime continue to wait and wait!

Goodbye to faster production and quicker earnings!

You will always be at the mercy of long delivery times, in hot water because the components printed in 3D which you need don’t arrive.

You competitors, who on the other hand have bought a 3D printer, will surpass you, satisfying more customers than you can and taking away your share of the profits.

Therefore do not rely on Service if you don’t want to fall behind and let your competitors take the whole cake. 

3) Keep your eye on the costs!

Printing with complex geometrics in 3D batches, that is components already assembled, with internal cavities, should cost you less, not more, otherwise 3D printing would no longer be an intelligent investment, as creative 3D printing claims.

But that’s not all…

delivery costs to deliver your component printed in 3D directly to your company, cost as much as sending an elephant from Bologna to Saint Petersburg.

That is why 3D printing with Service has no sense,

if you don’t want to spend more than you earn

and see your bank account in the red in a short time

4)”What, no not this powder!”

When I looked for information about the quality of Service, I read that these online printing shops are specialized in 3D printing, therefore they have extremely professional and efficient machines which would guarantee high quality components.

Too bad that I didn’t read anywhere that with Service I would have big limitations on the choice of material with which to print in 3D.

I could not print with any steel powder, because the professional printers of this Service, have a software and hardware block, which does not allow you to print with the material you need.

This is the rip off: I could not satisfy the demands of some of my customers, because Service could not print my component with the material I wanted.

Finally I discovered that no 3D printer in circulation has freely adaptable parameters and therefore I would never have been able to print in 3D with all the 150 steel powders available on the market.

That is why I decided to create a 3D printer which had no limits on the choice of powders!

3D4STEEL is the only 3D printer in the world

which allows you to use any type of steel powder,

buying it at manufacturing prices and saving 300%  

You should know that other salesmen of standard 3D printers sell powders at 300% more than the average price which a manufacturer of metal powders would sell.

According to Roland Berger, consultant for company strategy:

1 kg of stainless steel 316 bought directly from the manufacturer costs 50 euro per kilo.

The same quality of the same type of steel, bought from a manufacturer of 3D printers, costs on average 160 euro.

Numbers do not lie!

In fact you will never know the real numbers of what it will cost you to print your components in 3D and how fast you could produce with additive sytems if you do not immediately access 3D4YOU.

3D4YOU is the only chance you have to know if a 3D printer specialized in steel is suitable for your type of production and if it is convenient:

  1. economically;
  2. financially;
  3. In terms of production times;

Even before deciding whether to buy a 3D printer or not

I decided to create this customized method, which will guide you in additive manufacturing and will help you avoid massive rip offs, to eliminate your skepticism and give you some sense of security.

You will not find anything safer than a trial run on your customized component that you want to print in 3D, with numbers and a detailed analysis which accompanies the assistance.

The forest of additive systems is a real jungle: you cannot survive if you do not personally experience the benefits of this technology.

Each production is in fact different and you must understand if this technology will bring success or failure.

3D4YOU is the only way to find this out.

Thanks to the guarantee Zero risks, if you do not like 3D4YOU and if your company does not benefit from this experience, you will have your money back!

You can continue to grope in the dark and wait for your competitors to install a 3D printer which will make them produce faster than you.

Or you can click on the red button, fill in the form and, with no commitment, be helped by one of our assistants, specialized in 3D printing for steel.

I can only work with 4 companies a month, in order to guarantee a customized service, which will satisfy all your production needs  .

There is a queue, and I don’t want you to find yourself without a place for the next 12 months: click on the red button, you must jump at this opportunity or you risk losing it forever.

Ivano Corsini

Ivano Corsini

Fondatore e CEO di 3D4MEC Srl
Creatore di CorSystem - Stampa 3D Superveloce per la meccanica

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