SPOSTARE How to bill 55% more and speed up your packaging production by 30%

accelera produzione con stampa 3d per acciai

How to bill 55% more and speed up your packaging production by 30%

Thanks to 3D printing your products will be a kaleidoscope of colours on a bookshelf full of black and white covers


accelera produzione con stampa 3d per acciai

You should never buy a book by its cover; but if you think about it, when you go into a bookshop, it is precisely the book covers which draw your attention from one shelf to the other.

It is the cover which influences your decision to buy, because appearance is important and must be a feast for the eyes.

If a tasty dish is well-cooked but the ingredients displayed on the plate in a haphazard and disorderly way your appetite will quickly waver.

This is why your customers buy a product on the basis of its package, its “cover”.

This is why packaging is one of the most important aspects of the whole production chain, and you cannot continue to produce your eye-catching packaging using heavy and expensive materials, which slow down your production.

You can produce your package 30% faster, gaining on time and earnings.

You can sell your products at the same price or even more thanks to 3D printing, you will earn twice as much because you will spend less in production costs.

According to a survey carried out by 3D Printing, 1/3 of the packaging companies interviewed, use 3D printing, while the rest have declared that they will soon invest in this amazing technology.


Because with 3D printing:

1)you reduce production time;

2)you reduce running and production costs as well as the cost of a warehouse, which becomes a series of digital files; you will have fewer expenses and more earnings, with a spectacular increase in billing.

3)you will streamline the work, from production to the finished product; you will have more time to dedicate to other important aspects, necessary for a successful business.

4)you will produce goods at a lower cost and charge competitive prices compared to other manufacturers, who do not use 3D printing;

5)you can modify the prototype without spending millions and wasting a lot of time in failed attempts;

Does it seem unlikely?

Coveris, a British packaging company, uses additive technology to offer an extra service to their customers, which, competitors producing with traditional methods, cannot provide;

Therefore competitors, who use Stone Age methods, have fewer customers and a profit which does not increase.

With 3D printing Coveris, has not only speeded up packaging time, from production to the finished product, but it has actualized thermoforming molds, allowing the production of a small set of packs, in recycled PET and PP, enabling a visual evaluation of the dimension, the functional design, any errors and above all the aesthetic impact.

By producing only one mold of the finished product with 3D printing, Coveris has reduced production costs and post-production costs of the whole packaging order which, once finished, needs modifications.

With 3D printing modifications of the packaging can be carried out in real time

Thanks to additive systems, Coveris has achieved an economic advantage owing to the service which no other rival can offer its customers, that is the opportunity of testing the packaging designs and putting the products on the market, even before investing a ton of money on the whole production.

If the packaging is appealing and it works, then the customer will buy it, if not, the customer is happy because he has not squandered money.

Imagine how much production time you will save if you could produce an economic mold of the final packaging, which you will then put on the market.

It will be the customers who tell you what they want and you will not throw money away, trying to convince them to buy packaging which they don’t need: you will just have to satisfy their needs to become filthy rich and increase your billing by 55%.

These are the reasons why, if you don’t hurry and invest in 3D printing, you will be run over by your competitors’ limousine, who, in the meantime, have become rich and drink to their success at your expense, with the money of your former customers.

1)Make a clean sweep of your competitors

With 3D printing your production will be more agile than a trapeze artist of Cirque du Soleil.

You will be able to print a variety of products, different in shape, functional design and with a difference in cost of 99,4% less, compared to the cost of production using traditional methods.

In practice, if you continue to produce your packaging with Flintstone methods, economically, you will drown in a sea of blood and substantial costs will handicap your creativity and freedom.

Thanks to rapid prototyping of 3D printing, you can produce unique packaging which no other competitor owns.

On your products you can apply matchless logotypes, illustrations and graphics !

3D printing allows you to produce in small lots, that is a small volume of production, customized piece by piece.

This is still nothing compared to the magic wonders you can create with 3D printing.

Take for example impossible geometrics; those components printed in 3D already assembled, without any need for post-production work, like an empty box with a cover or a bottle with a sailing boat inside.

You could never ever produce these components using traditional methods; that is why, if you don’t have a 3D printer, you limit your production and cannot offer a unique service to your customers.

These dissatisfied customers will go to your rivals, who already have a 3D printer and show off their impossible geometric products.

Toly Group, a British packaging company, now situated in Malta, uses only additive systems for its production.

David James Sciberras, an engineer for Toly, has declared that thanks to 3D printing, his company has reached such a competitive advantage over rivals, that they have opened other branches in China and Korea, as well as having commercial offices in the UK, USA, France, Belgium, Italy, Hong Kong and Brazil, with over 1.000 employees.

But there is more…

The company has also saved on costs and production times.

The flexibility afforded by 3D printing has allowed Toly to test new varieties of product and to guarantee modifications to the packaging during the design phase, avoiding the risk of damaging the finished product.

At last, you could offer your customers a unique and customized service, without spending too much money.

With 3D printing you will soon become a nightmare for your competitors.

In a survey carried out by Stampa 3Dstore, expert mechanics predicted that a packaging company can improve its production by 15%  using a 3D printer.

Do you want to be among those companies which are expanding, or do you want to remain among the companies which will soon close down?

2) Packaging companies want a product printed in 3D!


Because 3D printing makes your machines as fast as missiles launched into space

But there is more…

The components of your packaging machine will also be lighter and therefore more functional and faster

Take the example of a piston for closing bottles: with 3D printing instead of making 3 different pieces and then assembling them, you can have one single piece in one single process.

Think about the load of time you will be saving!

Rüdiger Theobold, Marketing Director of Verbatim, has declared that packaging manufacturers have been amazed and fascinated by the yield of their renewed machines and the components printed in 3D.

This futuristic technology, tied to space travel, attracts many companies interested in progress, and excited and curious about the opportunities that 3D printing offers, for the future of each sector.

SYNERGIC SOLUTION, which uses additive systems for prototyping, dressing and development of packaging for objects of all shapes and dimensions, has increased its billing thanks to customized packaging which it offers its customers.

3D printing not only makes you rich and gives you more free time but also transforms your old work tools into machines of the future

3) Freedom!

With 3D printing you can produce prototypes of the components which are necessary for your machines without resorting to external companies.

No more top secret information, production secrets, reserved information and patents which are in danger!

What happens in the company stays in the company!

Moreover, if you need to produce a spare part of a machine which is obsolete, thanks to additive systems you could produce the geometrics of the missing piece and print it without any intermediaries.

You will save the time spent looking for external companies to solve your problem, often without success and at exorbitant costs.

Stop wasting money and donating it to others! Print what you need in 3D yourself and become independent!

In 2014, The Marchesini Group achieved incredible results by printing its prototypes in 3D.

The company has reduced production costs but increased earnings by no longer producing components in series, but specializing in unique components, each one the product of different and innovative demands, creativity and engineering design.

The worse that could happen is that you will produce only one packaging which doesn’t attract customers or which “doesn’t work”, avoiding time wasting, risks and a deep pit, which will eat up your earnings.


Today waste is a daily habit which can be fought with 3D printing

Waste of time

Waste of money

Waste of goods

And in the end you will be down-and-out begging on a park bench.

Many companies have solved the problem of waste by using 3D printing; above all the cosmetics packaging industry has plunged like a fish into additive systems, because thanks to this technology, it has obtained an increase of 55% in billing with a reduction of 33% in production time.

The cosmetic industry produces packaging which is in direct contact with people, and cannot risk contamination between metal powders, as could happen using standard 3D printers!

They are forced to use 316L steel to safeguard their customers’ health.

To produce packaging with a 3D printer you just need a digital project, which doesn’t occupy space in your warehouse, a 3D printer and the raw materials.

As you can see, even a small or medium sized company can invest in this technology and create a successful business, without ruining yourself or going bankrupt.

If you can save money and time why not do it?

As well as time and money with 3D printing you reduce CO2, emissions, caused by the transport of your packaging.

So your children will thank you and see you as a hero, who contributed to saving the Earth from extinction.

Be careful, however, not to waste time!

It’s true that with additive systems you save time, but this is a claim which does not take into account many other factors.

As you know various types of 3D printers already exist and

With 3D standard printers, that is machines that produce 3D components with any material, the production time saved is thrown away in cleaning the machines between each printing process

Let’s see an example which is common in the packaging sector.

5) Quality of product, no contamination and low running costs

Running a standard 3D printer which uses Argon gas costing € 0,90 per normal litre and which prints using any metal powder, is a real expense.

Not to mention days squandered, when your production is interrupted because you have to clean each single tube, to avoid contamination between one material and another.

You certainly cannot skip the cleaning stage!

Companies producing packaging for the food industry, more than others, are forced to follow the security measures and to guarantee the quality of their packaging.

If you have to print stainless steel containers for food, you cannot use any 3D printer:

you have to use a printer specialized in printing for steel

stainless steel cannot be mixed with other types of steel because the risk is, not only to intoxicate future users of your packaging, but also to get a hefty fine and an official complaint which will stain your police record forever.

A friend of mine who produces packaging for food, confessed to me that he had thrown away his money on a standard 3D printer, one of those beasts that print with all materials, from titanium to aluminum to steel.

I say throw away and not invest because when his 3D printer had to pass from producing a component in aluminum to one in stainless steel, my friend and his technical team, lost three days in dismantling all the tubes of the 3D printer, cleaning the filters and reassembling everything.

Three days in which his production was at a standstill, in which money was not coming in and in which the customers were waiting angrily, calling every other minute to complain about the delay.

“Therefore I should invest only in specialized 3D printers!”


you must invest in a 3D printer specialized only in one material if you don’t want to buy a 3D printer which, instead of speeding up your production, slows you down and makes you lose a ton of money

I told you this story to get to the sticking point of additive systems.

Many entrepreneurs are doubtful and, even if they know the advantages of 3D printing, have not yet invested any money in this technology, because they are afraid of making a mistake when buying, and so they should.

Since you are not spending 100 euro to buy a jumper or cardigan, but you are investing in the future of your business, I understand your hesitancy and that you prefer to watch progress from the sidelines, in your comfort zone.

Whilst others are getting rich and acting to achieve success, you remain a simple spectator.

3D printing is not like betting on horses: you must not bet that if you buy this or that printer, you will have enormous success or fail miserably and shut up shop.

Therefore you must not stay on the sidelines because the risk is that beaten by your competitors, you will shut up shop soon. Neither should you buy any 3D printer randomly.

The sticking point is:

No salesman of 3D printers gives you the chance to understand if you are making a mistake in buying a printer…

If you are only throwing away your money and introducing a deadly machine into your company, which will kill your production, or if you are buying a winning scratchcard.

No salesman helps you defeat your justifiable worries: they are only interested in selling, in fact they are salesmen.

When I,  Ivano Corsini, entered the dark forest of additive manufacturing, I found difficulties because no salesman of standard 3D printers gave me the certainty that you are looking for today: the certainty that I was not throwing my money to the wind, and of not being left in  the lurch, sending, the company which my grandparents broke their back to create, to rack and ruin.

I am not a salesman and I don’t like the vague and cryptic language of those who want to lumber you with a 3D printer, without giving you real data which can prove their promises.

Salesmen tell you that their standard printers are the fastest in the West and guarantee solidity of components, money and time saving: but how can you trust them?

You must not trust me or my words!

I want you to trust numbers and facts, that is why:

Only 3D4STEEL has created a customized service which will allow you to have , in hand, the data of how much it will cost and how much time you will save by printing your components in 3D

even before buying a printer

 That’s right you don’t risk anything!

With this service, 3D4YOU, you don’t have to buy a 3D printer to know:

1)production costs

2)economic costs;

3)financial costs;

4)running costs;

5)production time of your 3D printer;

3D4YOU will give you this precious document, with the complete lowdown of what will happen to your production and your income if you decide to invest in a 3D printer.

We are the only company in the world to offer this service

But the good news is not over yet!

I have explained why it is important for a packaging company, which relies on the quality of its product, to choose a specialized 3D printer.

It may seem an obvious concept, but all other salesmen have not yet understood this, that is why they continue to sell standard 3D printers which take up a load of  time to clean and maintain.

You cannot mix titanium and aluminum and then print in steel without serious consequences for your final product.

That is why my 3D4STEEL printer, which my customers have baptized “the blue bear” is specialized for steel.

3D4STEEL is the only 3D printer in the world specialized for steel.

You won’t have to worry about contamination between various materials or lose whole days in cleaning your blue bear.

The 3D4YOU service will print the component you need in steel, and will demonstrate if it is convenient for you, on an economic and financial level and in terms production time, to invest in additive systems.

Since we are the only company in the world offering this special service, we have a high demand, so you must hurry.

The service is customized and the assistance is extremely precise and detailed: we will satisfy all your needs in depth and to do this we need to dedicate time exclusively to you and your components, that is why we work with only 4 companies a month!

Only 4!

Your company could be the next one to increase its billing by 55%, crushing your competitors and saving 30% of your production time.

Click on the red button to access this goldmine! If you don’t, you will become a victim of the fast production of your competitors, and your products will become out of date compared to the attractive packaging printed in 3D.

The future is yours, only you can change it for the better.

Ivano Corsini

Ivano Corsini

Fondatore e CEO di 3D4MEC Srl
Creatore di CorSystem - Stampa 3D Superveloce per la meccanica

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