Here are the 3 methods to exploit in order to earn more with a 3D printer for steel, crippling your competition

Here are the 3 methods to exploit in order to earn more with a 3D printer for steel, crippling your competition

How much can you earn? With such an important question why have I been vague about the amount of money you can earn thanks to 3D printing?

There are people who wouldn’t budge an inch to earn a million euro and others who would go to the ends of the earth to earn a thousand, so “how much” is a legitimate and fundamental question which you should always ask yourself each time someone promises to increase your company coffers or your personal income.

Before giving you an answer, however, I must explain some basic concepts which will defend you from  urban legends which have ruined many businessmen like you, in the mechanical sector.

Discover how, and how much you can earn, by installing a 3D printer NOW in your company, whether small or large

Let’s start from the most important question, which is always money.

It’s true that money doesn’t bring happiness, but:

1.It allows you to expand your company at a rapid rate and to become the absolute emperor in your sector;

It gives you free time to spend with the people you love: trips to the sea with the family, dinners and Prosecco parties with friends, a second honeymoon with your wife, an afternoon playing football with your kids;

3.It frees up time to dedicate to yourself: to play golf, watch old episodes of your favourite TV programme, go for a drive with your new super accessorized car or simply, lie on the couch and switch off for a couple of hours, undisturbed;

4.You can indulge your most useless fancies, such as buying an enormous barbecue, which you will perhaps use only twice in your life, a gigantic TV for your cinema room or the very expensive Cohiba cigars;

5.It allows you to afford quality foods, exclusive medical care and comforts on a level with the Sultan of Brunei: a nice private jet to have an aperitif under the Eiffel Tower or a weekend in the Aeolian Islands.

If, like other people, you wake up in the morning with the desire to make more money, it isn’t because you are greedy or selfish, but it is for all the benefits I listed above, which will improve your quality of life and therefore your satisfaction; this is what lies beneath the simple phrase: money doesn’t bring happiness.

Among the many existing solutions to increase your financial status is 3D printing, used by Ford since 1988 to reduce production costs by 94%, saving a good $ 47,000 for the company coffers.

Imagine what you could do with an extra 47,000 dollars?

Also Nike, the leader in sports shoes, has increased its revenue by 13%.

In order not to be left behind and be annihilated by the shoes printed in 3D of the colossal Nike, Adidas has invested in additive systems, speeding up and increasing its production by 10%.

Thanks to additive systems, Adidas, not only produces in less time than before, but earns more, because its models printed in 3D are considered to be more valuable than the usual shoes produced with traditional methods, and customers are prepared to pay 300 dollars more per pair, half the cost of an Apple phone.

The first pair of Adidas shoes printed in 3D was sold in January 2018 at a sales point in New York, and from that moment this innovative line has been flying off the shelves.

Don’t be deceived by these examples, since they are a far cry from your situation and you STILL don’t know how you can benefit from a 3D printer in order to reach these figures.

Blogs, newspapers and even politicians, talk about houses printed in 3D in 24 hours, ships and entire buildings produced with minimum costs resulting in a ton of money as an economic reward, nearly convincing you that installing a 3D printer to become rich is the easiest thing in the world to do.

The problem with these stories, told as if they were Gulliver’s Travels, is that they are a far cry from your situation in the mechanical sector, and do not explain, concretely, how you can increase your revenue and become rich.

Therefore, in this article I will not talk about the umpteenth success story of another company which has installed a 3D printer and struck gold, but I will show how YOU can also EARN more with additive systems, keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

So, here I am going to reveal the 3 real and concrete ways with which your small or medium sized mechanical company can increase YOUR revenue without upending what you are already doing

1)You are a direct manufacturer, that is you produce machines and sell them directly to your customers

Direct manufacturing gives you the freedom of choosing which production method to use to produce your component so that is worthwhile for you, on economic and production time terms.

How can a 3D printer make you earn more in this first case?

For example: you produce an automatic machine which packages sweets.

Instead of using traditional methods to build the machine or to make certain special parts of your machine, which take up precious time, need various production phases and therefore cost more, you choose to print the same parts with a 3D printer.

Thanks to additive systems you will save on hidden costs , which now, perhaps, you are not aware of.

Time is money, and time is the very thing you save with a 3D printer:

  • you need fewer product codes for your components;

For example to produce a crimping tool  with subtractive methods, you have to use 3 different pieces, one in steel, one in aluminum and one in iron, therefore 3 identification codes have to be managed and stored.

With 3D printing which produces a component already complete and assembled, 3 codes become 1.

The benefits you will reap are:

  • Optimization of orders: less chaos which sucks away precious time;
  • Simplification of the work of the sales department: less stress, fewer misunderstandings and delays;
  • Speed in storing;
  • Fewer storing costs: there will be more money left in the company coffers and also in your pocket;
  • you need fewer steps to produce your complex component, which has bends, intersections and internal structures (like a cooling channel) which, with the chip removal method, has to be produced a bit at a time.

You could never produce internal bends with a cutter or a lathe, therefore if you need a channel with a bend, you must break up the component in various parts and create internal channels piece by piece, losing money and days of production.

  • you can cut production costs, producing a lightweight component, which is hollow thanks to its internal honeycomb structure, in one SINGLE step;

The less time you take to produce your sweet packaging machine, the more money you will have in your pocket.

Reducing costs means earning more!

Whilst your rivals are competing to see who “raises prices more” (or who reduces more to sell more) to increase profit margins, since they have no other way to get rich; you can keep your prices stable or reduce them, and in the meantime you will increase your margins by reducing your production costs.

With the extra money, which your competitors do not have, you can expand your company, make it become a colossal and devour all the other rival companies in one bite .

You will really become the Roman emperor who conquers the weaker colonies.

While your competitors will be hated because their prices are too high, you will always be appreciated and become the number one choice for customers.

Your components will be unique also in quality, because only your production, thanks to 3D will guarantee lightness and solidity at the same time; this secret weapon will be your royal flush against your rivals who will leave the poker table empty handed.

 2) The second way to earn with a 3D printer is a variation on the first example

You are still producing machines for packaging sweets with your 3D printer, at reduced costs compared to your competitors, who are still using traditional methods, this time, however, you decide to increase the price of your packaging machine consequently earning a lot more.

Thanks to reduction of parts for each single component and increasing the price of your machine, you will really earn a ton of money, more than your ever dreamed of.

Moreover, if you customize your machinery according to your customers’ needs, you can justify the price of your product, and your customers will pay the price willingly instead of complaining,   .

Think of Adidas shoes which are very expensive because they are CUSTOMIZED to cater for the taste of each single customer.

With a 3D printer it costs you nothing to CUSTOMIZE the component  to customer needs: you can print unique pieces quickly and at a low cost

3)  you produce spare parts for your machines

A machine breaks down, what do you do?

Either you have a stock of spare parts in your warehouse from before the war of secession, for which you have been paying for years and which you can finally use, or you depend on an external supplier who is not always ready to satisfy your needs instantly.

So you are faced with a downtime in production, waiting for the spare part which can restart the machine.

Does this example seem highly unlikely? And yet I have experienced it first hand, and ran the risk of bankrupting my company; but this is another story which you can read here.

Saving on storage costs and not immobilizing your capital for years, producing 220 spare parts in advance, because you never know when you may need them, you will have money in the company coffers which you can use to increase your production, to update it, to improve your machine’s performance and guarantee a wealthier life for you and your family.

These are four examples which show you concretely how you could earn by exploiting additive systems, using them in your small and medium sized mechanical company.

Now, as promised:

I will show you, with numbers and real test results carried out on your components, how much more you will earn and how much you will speed up your production with a 3D printer

Ford has earned $47,000, Nike has increased its revenue by 13% and how much will yours increase by?

The answer will shock you and will make all your playing card castles of illusions collapse: however, this is an answer you ABSOLUTELY must know to avoid throwing away billions as if they were waste paper:

Nobody can ever tell you how much you will earn thanks to 3D printing if they haven’t tested it on YOUR components

or if they haven’t carefully studied your type of production, and nobody knows, in advance, how much time and money you will save compared to traditional methods.

Even if producers of 3D printers promise you will go from rags to riches thanks to additive systems, they are not fortune tellers, they cannot foresee the future and they don’t have the numbers and tests to support these promises.

If you want to know how much you will earn, you certainly cannot understand it from a standard preprinted component sample, that salesmen of standard 3D printers think reveal every mystery of their machine.

Not only is it impossible to know in advance, without first buying a 3D printer, how much you will earn with this investment (except for the solution you will read about in a few lines) but you will never have the guarantee that your production is suitable for 3D.

I will make other castles in the air collapse by telling you that not all productions are suited to 3D printing and perhaps some never will be.

Knowing this truth will stop you from falling into the superficial trap of salesmen of 3D printers, which make you believe that EVERYONE can earn millions with a 3D printer, because it speeds up production and cuts production costs.

Unluckily this is not the path to riches for everyone.

As well as reading this article which will give you basic guide lines to make you understand if a 3D printer is suitable for your production or not, I have a solution for you which will give you the answer all businessmen, who don’t want their production to become a museum piece, ardently desire to have.

The solution is:

The only customized course in the WORLD which will let you check with tests carried out on YOUR production, if a 3D printer for steel will make you earn more and speed up your production, without even buying it

Investing in a 3D printer is an important decision and you cannot take it lightly, relying on promises, not even those of the most famous producer in the world.

That is why my team and I of 3D4STEEL, as well as having designed the only 3D printer specialized in steel, also known as the Blue Bear, have created the only CUSTOMIZED course in the world which allows you:

1)to print your components in 3D, so that you can see for yourself if it is possible to produce them with additive systems and what the final result looks like once they have been produced by the Blue Bear.

2)to have a document with economic data of how much it will cost you to print in 3D and if you will pay less than you are already paying today with subtractive methods;

3)to know the financial data; in the end you won’t have any nasty surprises or hidden costs which keep you awake at night;

4)to know the production times: you will finally be able to answer the question: how much faster will my production be compared to now? By producing your components faster, you will be leaving behind your slow as snail competitors;

5) to discover whether 3D is suitable for you production or if it is worth your while to continue as you are; you will not feel guilty for not having at least tried to modernize your production;

6) and so much more…

You will discover all this precious information without losing neither the millions which you need to buy a 3D printer, with all the related problems, nor even a single euro because:

By accessing 3D4YOU you will have the  ZERO RISK GUARANTEE: if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the course, you will have all your money back

As you can see you risk nothing by registering for 3D4YOU, while you risk years of regret for not having grabbed this unique opportunity immediately, which will allow you to predict the future, to make the right choice and to test a 3D printer for steel only, without even buying it.

Beware! Whoever comes first wins, not the second or the third.

That is why if you don’t want your competitors to outdistance you and take your place, click on the red button at the bottom or on this link and get informed about 3D4YOU.

Watch the video and be contacted to clear up any doubts, without commitment.

P.s: since it is a CUSTOMIZED service I cannot assist more than 4 companies a month, and since Tom’s Hardware published an article on 3D4STEEL (which you can read here!) we have been swamped with requests, therefore there may not be a place for you this month. Check the timer and click here so as not to lose your place to others.

P.P.S: I told you there was more and so there is: if you register for 3D4YOU PREMIUM you will have a gift worth euro 840 of CUSTOMIZED training on a 3D printer to make its performance more effective for your TYPE of production.

You will be assisted by technicians expert in 3D printing for steel, who will study, together with your expert technicians, how to make you earn and speed up your production with additive systems: click here!

P.P.P.S: After 3D4YOU, even if you discover that a 3D printer is worth while for you on all fronts, you will not be forced, in ANY way, to buy the Blue Bear. You will always be free to choose another producer.

Beware! Remember  that the chance to try additive systems practically FREE is given only by us: click here!

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