The 3D printer that cuts more than 66% of production time of steel components

Download the case study now and discover how the first 3D printer specialized in the use of steels can optimize the production flow of mechanical companies, reducing production time and costs.

Cut down
production time and costs

Leveraging the possibilities that only a 3D4STEEL can give you

Win more contracts than your competitors

Produce different shaped prototypes in a few hours and give more choice to your customers

complex part numbers

Achieving complex components already assembled in one step, reducing inventory

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3D4STEEL Manufacturing case studies

Bending arm in 316L already assembled

Gearbox housing in 316L lightened by 35%.

3D Printers for Steel

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The first 3D printer for steel, developed to speed up mechanical production

Why do you specialize in using steels?

Entire parts of the machine are built specifically for the handling and processing of hypo-electectoid steel powders (<0.77% C) because this material, in all its forms, is certainly the most widely used, most versatile and most readily available metal in the mechanical sector.

The choice of this specialization reflects the third point of the CorSystem method – Superfast 3D Printing for Mechanics, according to which the only way to economically justify a 3D printed production is to take advantage of a printer specialized in the use of a specific family of materials.

3D4STEEL is the first specialized PBF 3D printing system for non-reactive steel powders, tailored to the production needs of each customer. It guarantees the best speed of the production cycle and, at the same time, the highest mechanical quality of the manufactured components that it allows you to achieve:

How does it speed up mechanical production?

Thanks to the patented powder distribution system specifically designed for steels, the 3D4STEEL printer achieves a GREATER production cycle speed than multi-material systems.

In addition, the patented automatic powder recovery system guarantees a sudden refilling of the main tank, allowing the machine to be immediately ready for a second use as soon as the first JOB is finished, thus eliminating any possible machine downtime. This process speed allows you to produce medium-small batches with great speed and savings compared to traditional methods in terms of:

Want to know how quickly and cost-effectively 3D4STEEL can produce your steel components?


your mechanical components thanks to the specialized steel system

on costs

management and supply of gas and materials for production

complex parts

that you could never achieve with traditional production methods

On Demand

your mechanical components only when you need them, without keeping them in stock and risking obsolescence

Choose your steel powder supplier yourself and save up to 78% on every purchase

Many people don’t know this, but manufacturers of multi-material, or generalist, additive systems often force their customers to source powders from them as well. According to Wohler’s Report, generalist 3D printer manufacturers impose strong constraints on the use of third-party powders and force the customer to source directly from them.

"There are many companies that produce materials for the additive (3D printing) industry. Some of these companies sell the powder directly to 3D printer manufacturers who subsequently brand and sell them to their customers [...] For many 3D printer manufacturers, the sale of powders is an important recurring source of revenue [...].

They (the 3D printer companies) often resort to physical, electronic, and/or software blocking to prevent the use of "unauthorized" third-party materials."

Fonte: Wohler's Report

On the contrary, with 3D4STEEL you are completely free to source from whomever you choose. You won’t have to submit to any constraints.

Free yourself from any constraints on suppliers and printing parameters thanks to the OPEN POWDER system

OPEN POWDER allows you to freely choose the powder supplier you prefer, and gives you the possibility of being supplied directly by him without any intermediate step that would lead to an unjustified increase in price.

You can guarantee yourself a saving of up to 78% on the cost of steel powders and you will be able to choose freely from different steel powders.

To make it easier for you to choose the material best suited to your needs, we will provide you with all the recommended printing parameters for each type of powder tested, so that you can start producing the components you want right away and without difficulty.

Automatically recycles unused powder thanks to exclusive 3D4STEEL patent

Metal powder handling and management is a crucial aspect of 3D printing.

When a 3D PBF 3D printing process comes to an end, in addition to having the part printed, the print bed is full of unused powder that needs to be filtered and sieved to be recirculated. Usually this powder recycling procedure involves the use of a massive machine outside the 3D printer, and sometimes, all the collection of unsintered powder even has to be done by hand.

Having to move the printing plate from one machine to another greatly lengthens the time needed to have the part ready and results in risks for the operator and high production costs.

To speed up the production process we have patented a fully automated powder recycling system inside each 3D4STEEL printer.

Our powder recovery system allows you to automatically recover up to 99% of the steel powder that you have not used during the printing process; the powder automatically passes through a filter that sieves it to remove all traces of impurities, then it is automatically returned to the tank as if it were new powder never used, immediately ready for use.

Want to know how a 3D4STEEL printer can speed up the production of mechanical steel components and reduce costs?

Learn how you can leverage a 3D4STEEL printer and the CorSystem method in your company’s production workflow to:

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