I had lost one of my most important customers when I saved the day thanks to this antidote, which will help you avoid bankruptcy

I had lost one of my most important customers when I saved the day thanks to this antidote, which will help you avoid bankruptcy

Invincible flames were raging.

Tongues of fire were devouring the whole factory shed.

All the material I needed for my production went up in smoke.

How could I now deliver my orders on time?

My workers were exhausted.

The machines had been stretched to the limits.

The suppliers did not send technicians to repair the damage caused by their machine.

The necessary raw materials were destroyed, as well as my money and my time.

I was losing one of the first and most important customers of my company and I could do nothing about it.

I am sure you, too, must have found yourself in a similar situation when a hitch in your production caused delays in delivery of a component ordered by a customer, or a component urgently needed to start up your machines and carry out an order.

The phone rings insistently and a loud, angry voice complains about the delay: it is your customer who is still waiting for his component.

You cannot control every single aspect of your production chain, even if you would like to; you always have to depend on others and this fact disturbs the tranquility of your sleep.

It could happen that a supplier fails to deliver the necessary material.

One day the principal machine of your entire production, the very one you need the most, could break down and you won’t know how to.

I know you are thinking: “until then I can hope nothing will happen and continue doing what I am doing!”

Well, I used to think exactly like you: continue what my grandfather and father have always done, without worrying too much, because, after all, with traditional methods and old machinery, my family  built up a company which has always kept a roof over our heads and over the heads of my workers.

I have never liked change because I have always believed that: you must not change a winning team :

My old machines have been my faithful soldiers for years and, in the past, have given me money and success.

Too bad that lately, those same diligent soldiers were no longer effective for the type of war I was fighting: times change, market demands change and also technology must change, if you want to continue winning your daily company battles.

One ill-fated day something happened which shook me to the point that, inevitably, I had to change, a hitch which could happen to you too:

I had to say goodbye to traditional methods and substitute them with another technology in order not to lose important customers

It was 12th November 2012 when I received an important order from a big company, a prized customer upon whom a big part of my production depended.

The company transformed itself into a chaotic international airport in the matter of a few hours.

We had to meet the demands of this customer at all costs, but we didn’t have much time.

I was anxious and I knew I had to ask my employees to work overtime for a few days.

We worked hard, like ants in a well-organized and productive anthill.

We were exhausted and time was running out, but the result would have rewarded our efforts. To speed things up I had to employ extra staff to help us.

I was already fantasizing on the success of the enterprise when the office phone rang, interrupting our work.

I ran to answer and nearly fainted when I heard what the trembling voice at the other end was saying:

The factory shed of the supplier, who was supposed to deliver the material for the order of the important client, had just burnt down.

I ended the call and looked at my collaborators who were curious to know what tragic even had happened; I didn’t know how to break the news that all our work had gone up in smoke.

I know that also you in these desperate situations did not give up: I didn’t, I couldn’t. That customer was too important; I worked my machines to the limit and tried to solve the problem of the missing material.

While I was trying to work out a solution, another colossal curse hit me.

One of my German machines, the most reliable, costly and important of all my production chain, broke down.

I had 5 days left and my war horse had abandoned me.

I immediately called the German company to ask for urgent technical assistance. I was ready to pay more to make the technician come as soon as possible, because I knew I risked losing three times as much, and  if I lost that important customer, I would have to kiss goodbye to my turnover.

I nearly had a heart attack when the technical support office communicated that, since the machine was an old model, there were only four specialized technicians in the whole world able to repair it, and they were all in Singapore at that moment.

We were at rock bottom.

I asked my father for help and thanks to a detailed knowledge of automatic machines, accumulated over the years, we managed to get the old piece of iron to start.

We had lost two days.


And our stress levels were sky-high.

When we went back to work, the same machine broke down again and this time for good.

I got my hands dirty with machine oil, while tears of frustration were streaming down my cheeks.

By now I had lost the most important customer of the company and our future was beginning to look like hell.

You can avoid the nightmare of losing customers,

being flat broke and at rock bottom

thanks to the solution which has boosted our company

The story has a happy ending, but before getting there and finding the final solution, I had to make mistakes, throw away money on other wrong solutions, which  only made me waste time and money and so I had to learn from my mistakes.

I will tell you about these mistakes so you will not repeat them but will invest immediately in the only solution which can save your company and make you earn 13% more a year.

The curse which hit me four years ago opened my eyes to the fact that my production was slow, old and unreliable.

I was afraid that another similar tragedy would hit me, so I had to give in to change and plunged like a fish into a new technology: 3D printing.

After years of training in USA and Germany, I decided to invest in additive systems.

Printing your components in 3D secures your company and makes you earn millions because:

1) your produce 30% faster, according to a declaration by the CEO of Ford;

2) you increase the value of your production by 8,9 million, as declared in a survey carried out by the magazine 3D Printing;

3) you earn 13% more, like Nike, according to a declaration by Mark Parker.

Moreover, the world of 3D printing, valued at 3 billion dollars last year, will grow by 28% this year.

I didn’t want my company to be stuck in the past and risk extinction: I had to lead it into the future

First of all I contacted the Service of 3D printers, companies which print your components for you.

I was enthusiastic, before realizing the enormous trap I was about to fall into.

Service works like this:

To print your component in 3D, you need a CAD, a design of your project created specifically for 3D printers.

Service asks you to upload and share the design on Cloud.

Cloud is an online platform where you can share files with other users: it’s like a gigantic virtual filing system, which someone, somewhere in the world owns and which saves the files you upload.

It all sounds very cool, too bad that you don’t know who this guardian is, and you don’t know what will happen to your files.

In theory they should be safe, but only in theory, because Internet waters are inhabited by Hackers, pirates of the web, who raid precisely those Cloud platforms.

Therefore if you put yourself in the hands of Service, by putting your CAD online in this way they are in serious danger!

Imagine if your company secrets were at the mercy of all and even your competitors, all over the world, could get their hands on them.

You can’t risk that!

The other rip-off is that Service costs a ton of money:

They put a rise on each single component printed and the delivery costs are exaggerated as if they had to deliver an elephant by post instead of mechanical components.

Moreover you have to wait 10 days to have your component: anything but just in time!

After having understood that:

Service costs a ton of money and puts your secret company files in danger;

I found another drawback which caused  me drop this solution once and for all

I had lost a customer because my external suppliers had messed up, so I wanted to invest in additive systems to be free of these suppliers at last.

With Service I was back to square one!

Not only did I have to wait for the timely delivery of the component, which anyway normally happened, save for unexpected incidents, but I was also limited in my choice of metal powders which I could use.

I was not free even with Service

So I immediately dumped the solution of service before I could regret it for ever, and cripple my company.

I wanted to buy a 3D printer of my own: and so I penetrated a dark and tortuous forest, full of ferocious beasts, traps with no guide to show me the way.

This is why I want to show you:

The mistakes to avoid like the Plague, not to be ripped off and lose money, when you invest in a 3D printer

The generalist salesmen of 3D printers were waiting in ambush to skin me alive.

Their promises were tempting: “With my standard 3D printer you can produce your components in a flash, compared to traditional methods”.

You will earn a ton of money.

Everything will run according to your desires.

Their promises made my adrenalin go sky-high: I was eager to buy, they only had to tell me where to sign.

Luckily my perverse skepticism made me stop and think, and once over the initial enthusiasm, I decided not to  buy any of those standard 3D printers.

What stopped me?


their promises had no element of proof to support them

Perhaps they were making a fool of me and I had no parameter of judgement to understand this.

What’s more…

I needed a 3D printer, specialized for steel, not one which produced components in any material! Why?

Because only a specialized printer would allow me to keep running costs down making the whole process of production justifiable from an economic point of view.

Since the salesmen of 3D printers were promising the earth, without however showing me a single number, I retraced my steps, rolled up my sleeves to save you from the lies of salesmen of 3D printers and shed a light on promises which are untrustworthy.

I took this decision because I needed a 3D printer for steel, customized for my needs which would guarantee good earnings.

Moreover I am a fan of technology and innovation, when it brings positive results and I know that 3D printing can truly save your company, make you earn millions and speed up your production, but you must remember to always have the proof that these three promises are true and achievable for you.

It took me four years to reorganize my business and produce the only 3D printers, specialized for steel in the world.

You will find 3D printers that print steel and other materials, but you will never 3D printers designed especially for steel.

Moreover, I have created the only system which will allow you to:

Have in your hands a document which will show you the economic and  financial costs, and the time of production of your components in 3D, with a printer specialized for steel

But there’s more…

You can have this document even before buying the 3D printer .

To have this unique and treasured document and which is, above all customized for your production, click on the red button at the bottom of the page, fill in the form and be contacted by one of our technicians specialized in 3D printing, who will give you all the information on 3D4YOU.

3D4YOU is the only customized service in the world ,which will allow you to find out if the tempting promises of 3D printing are true and will work for your production.

“3D printing certainly is not for you if:

1) you produce components in large quantities, for example 10 thousand pieces, which are all the same;

2) you have to produce a simple component, with no complex geometrics;

And the 3D4STEEL printer, the blue bear, is not for you:

If you have to print your components in 3D in other materials which are not steel!

With 3D4YOU you risk nothing, in fact you may learn something new, but your turnover and your company will be as safe as houses, because you will have a guarantee0 risks” which will stop you from spending a load of money, only to find out that the 3D printer you bought does not repay your investment;”

If you buy a 3D printer from generalist salesmen, you could risk investing in a monster which eats up your money, which will not let you sleep at night and will cripple your company.

You can continue to use traditional methods and cross your fingers, hoping that  old manchines never break down.

Of course you will produce at a slower rate than your competitors, who instead are already investing in additive systems.

Sooner or later your customers will abandon you in any case, since only in Italy, according to Wohlers Report, 2.300 3D printers are already at work;

One of these could belong to your competitors, who will cause your family business to shut down, and will leave a hole in your wallet and in your heart.

To be the black sheep of the family who caused the bankruptcy of the company is one of the biggest disappointments you could have in life.

Avoid it!

And click on the red buttonsince only 4 companies a month can access this service, because being customized I need time to assist you in every specific need.

Don’t let someone else steal your place:

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