“My first toy was a hex key… 

that’s how I fell in love with mechanics”

Ivano Corsini

Founder & CEO

My name is Ivano Corsini and mechanics is my daily bread.

For over 30 years  I have been involved in all aspects of mechanics, starting from sub-supply (I have been a supplier for the COESIA group for 35 anni) to 3D printing.
In fact, since 2013 I have been dedicating a large portion of my time to the study of additive manufacturing and how to apply it to mechanical production.

I had a hunch that this technology could have radically changed my company’s production and increased its earnings, but a company with 3D printing technology didn’t exist in Italy and I am very patriotic.

In recent years I have concentrated my resources in the development of a 3D printer which could produce mechanical components in steel,  enabling the printer to optimize the industrial production of small medium lots bringing down the costs. 
That is how 3D4STEEL – the first 3D printer for steel was created.

My experience in the difficult world of additive systems made me realize that a standard 3D printer, which is the same for everyone, which can optimize production and bring down costs did not exist, and that is why I created  CorSystem – the conclusive method to earn more by installing a 3D printer in a mechanical production flow.

Each enterprise has specific needs, which vary from sector to sector, and that is why I do not supply a standard 3D printer, but each machine is personalized according to the production needs of each single customer.

During these years I have also held various positions in Confindustria Nazionale (National Manufacturers Association) and in the current Confindustria Emilia (Manufacturers Association of Emilia):

  • Representative for Small Industries of Bologna for the biennium 2017/18,
  • Member of Central Council  Small Industry in Confindustria Roma (Manufacturers Association Rome for the biennium 2017/18
  • Member of General Council Confindustria Emilia from 2018
  • Deputy Delegate of the Electronic and Meccatronic supply chain from 2018

My desire for innovation has never failed, in fact when I heard about 3D printing I did not remain idle but threw myself in headlong.

I am the right person to work with IF:

The 3D4STEEL team

Here is our team of experts on 3D printing for steel.

All the mechanical development, the software, the technical and commercial assistance is entirely in Italy.

The strategic position of our headquarters in Bologna allows us to reach every corner of North and Central Italy in a flash.

Whenever a customer needs assistance of any kind, he will have at his disposal a number, which links directly to one of our specialized assistants.

We are proud to say that 3D4STEEL is the first 3D printer for metals entirely designed and produced in Italyas well as being the first in the world specialized in the use of steel.

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