The missing information on standard 3D printers for steel which NOBODY gives you

Here we are back again to our soap opera on 3D printers for steel. In the previous episode, which you can find on this link, I explained the headaches caused by a multiple-material 3D printer, which will slow down your production and drive you crazy.

The first two problems you will come across, will be the use of dangerous gasses, such as argon, which you will have to learn to deal with care and manage by following all the complicated procedures for dangerous gasses.

The other problem you will come across, could undermine the purity of your component, which instead of being pure and resistant, will be fragile and contaminated by metal powders from the previous printing cycle, if the cleaning of each tube of the printer is not carried out meticulously.

If you thought that things could not be worse, you don’t know what you will discover by reading further…

Be prepared to meet on your path as entrepreneur:

Two pieces of information which will clarify how much a multiple-material 3D printer could jeopardize your mechanical production

Don’t worry, in a few lines you will also find the solution to these problems.

As well as safety and the quality of your components, multiple-material 3D printers are lacking in another two factors, which, unfortunately for you, are fundamental if you wish to have fewer complications and a well-oiled production chain which is efficient and fast.

The fact that a 3D printer gives you the opportunity of using various metal powders could seem an excellent advantage; it is like having an armchair that is also a couch, a bed, a TV and a deck chair: pay one and you get 5 products. 

The problem with all multipurpose gadgets is that their performance is never the best but always mediocre or poor.

Think about it: a 3D printer for steel, needs tools and parts with features different from those used for titanium or aluminum.

For example, the spatula used to dispense the powder will not have been created with a specific shape to distribute the powder in the best way possible for a specific metal, but it will be standard suitable for all materials.

informazioni - componenti meccanici - metalli - 3D4steel - meccanica - acciaio - stampante 3DIf you buy a standard couch, suitable for all backs or for any use, the material with which it is made will not be specific for people, who like you, suffer from cervical pains.

Even doctors, once they have finished their five years of medical studies have to specialize and choose a field to concentrate on. While your general practitioner knows a bit about everything to do with the human body, your dermatologist is specialized ONLY in skin problems, and if you should have a skin irritation you will trust the dermatologist since, being specialized, you trust his expertise in that field.

If you want the best results from a 3D printer to make your production efficient it is worth your while to choose a SPECIALIZED 3D printer

With a multiple material 3D printer  you will have to put up with mediocre results.

Not only will the parts making up the 3D printer be STANDARD, but also the person who sells you the 3D printer will be like your general practitioner: with a little bit of expertise on all metals but without a deep knowledge.

Lets be honest, it is impossible to know everything about everything and since a day lasts only 24 hours, you cannot expect to know all the secrets, all the techniques and solutions of a sector as vast as 3D printing, that is why also manufacturers of printers must specialize and focus their energy on becoming expert on a single metal and a single technology.

By buying a standard 3D printer also the guaranteed assistance and training on how the machine works will be standard and may  not solve all your problems caused by the functioning of the 3D printer.

A standard assistance is like a general practitioner’s examination, who does not know everything there is to know about the part of the body causing you pain, and does not even have the tools for a diagnosis.

There is a universe to explore and know just on how to print components in 3D in steel, how to place them on the printing surface so that the process is the fastest possible, practical, efficient with excellent results.

A standard technician does not have the time to know everything on 3D printing and how to get the most out of a 3D printer for YOUR type of production.

informazioni - componenti meccanici - metalli - 3D4steel - meccanica - acciaio - stampante 3D - ivano corsini

That is why for 3 years, moving between USA and Germany,  I studied only and specifically SLM technology to produce steel components.

My technical team is also specialized only in steel, as you can read in Tom’s Hardware article; because I prefer to give my customers a complete assistance only on one material rather than help a bit on everything but giving only superficial advice.

Unfortunately, at the moment, only my 3D printer called the Blue Bear specialized in steel exists, created only for mechanical companies which need to produce steel components in the quickest time possible and with reduced costs.

With a 3D printer specialized only in steel, you will have free nitrogen  and your operators will not risk their lives

The Blue Bear will allow you to own a 3D specialized maximum performing printer because:

  1. The spatula which distributes the powder has been engineered specifically for steel and to distribute the powder on the printing surface in the fastest way possible;
  2. 98% of the steel powder will be recycled thanks to a powder recycling system which will eliminate waste, patented specifically for steel; you will save pots of money because after each printing cycle you will be sure to be able to use the unused powder and you will not incur waste;
  3. The waste filter will give you the convenience of disposing the steel powder like any other metal, without risk of explosions, as happens with reactive metals when in contact with oxygen. You will not have to worry either for the safety of your operators, nor for pollution of the environment;
  4. You will have free nitrogen and you won’t have to spend 0,90 euro per normal litre, because the Blue Bear exploits the nitrogen present in the air using a generator.;
  5. No Argon, because it is not necessary when printing in steel; you can sleep peacefully because your operators won’t have to wear space suits and will not feel that their life is in danger as if they were dealing with plutonium each time they have to switch on the machine;
  6. You will have a super specialized assistance, which knows chapter and verse on how to produce quickly and to the best with a 3D printer for steel only;
  7. You can say goodbye to contamination: by using only steel to print you will always be sure that your components will never be contaminated with aluminum or titanium powders. You can give your customers a guarantee that competitors who have standard 3D printers cannot give.

If you think that this 3D printer specialized for steel is a cure-all, I have to disappoint you because:

you cannot be sure that a 3D printer will speed up your production if you do not have the proof

for proof I mean tests carried out on YOUR components which tell you:

1) how much it will cost on an economic level to produce your components with a 3D printer;

2)how much it will cost on a financial level;

3)how much time it will take you and therefore how fast the process will really be compared to the traditional methods you are now using;

without this data you will never know if additive systems will bring you success or not.

informazioni - componenti meccanici - metalli - 3D4steel - meccanica - acciaio - stampante 3D - sistemi additivi

When I wanted to use a 3D printer in my production chain, I came across many difficulties which could have ruined my company.

To spare you the problems I had, I am giving you the chance to access the only customized course, 3D4YOU, which will give you all the proof which I have mentioned (economic, financial data and production times) of The Blue Bear on your components.

The novelty is that:

You won’t have to buy the 3D printer to know if additive methods will make you earn more and speed up your production

in fact:

you will have a zero risk guarantee which will allow you to have ALL your money back for whatever reason the course should not satisfy you

If you want to know more, without commitment and without wasting too much time, on the red button at the bottom of the page and watch the video which will clear up any doubts.

Beware however! There is a timer at the end of the video which will show you how many places are still available for 3D4YOU this month.

The course is super customized and also the assistance is of the best, therefore my team can only help 4 companies a month.

P.S. give yourself the chance to try out a 3D printer on your production, practically free. You won’t find this offer anywhere else.

Ivano Corsini

Ivano Corsini

Fondatore e CEO di 3D4MEC Srl
Creatore di CorSystem - Stampa 3D Superveloce per la meccanica

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