SPOSTARE When will your company be ready for 3D printing? The answer will surprise you

When will your company be ready for 3D printing?

The answer will surprise you

While you are sitting comfortably behind your desk, you watch the world change, rushing at the speed of light towards the future and technological innovations, and you ask yourself, which steps must I take today to make my company prosper tomorrow.

More than 53,442 people visited the 18th edition of Mecspe, Parma Fair focusing on industry 4.0, which was held between 28th and 30th March 2019, many of them entrepreneurs who, like you, are interested in the internet of things, such as virtual reality and new systems of production.

What new technology will allow you to earn more and produce faster?

How additive technology could make you become the Bill Gates of your sector

3D printing could be the next ace up your sleeve, that is why you are also probably asking yourself how it could make you a millionaire, and if this is really possible.

You watch companies and small enterprises investing in additive manufacturing soaring towards success and riches.

1) When you shave tomorrow morning, think of Gillette, which thanks to 3D printing, produced customized razors responding to the various personal features of their customers, and at a competitive price of $19 per razor, thanks to low production costs;

Just imagine how you would beat the competition if you could PERSONALIZE your components with low production costs, compared to those you have to sustain now (thanks to higher margins, you can finally increase your personal income and buy one of those vintage cars, the envy of all your friends who will want to have a run in it)

2)Luthansa has adopted 3D printing to produce components for its aeroplanes. According to the technical department of the German Airline, additive systems will reduce production costs, making components which are solid, resistant and at the same time more lightweight.

Finally you will be able to obtain components as light as aluminum, without giving up the resistance of steel or running the risk of your components breaking like breadsticks.

3)You will speed up production time and reduce downtime, which makes you lose a ton of money, like Censis, a British Packaging company which, thanks to 3D printing, has speeded up packaging and production time so much so that it has opened other branches all over the world with the money saved.

You could also expand your business and conquer other countries  like a Roman Emporer, destroying all competition which stands in your way

4)Additive systems will allow you to reduce production costs and gain precious time which you can dedicate to your family and to improve your back-spin on sunny afternoons at the golf club.

Ford used to take 4 months to produce 500 thousand components and today, thanks to 3D printing, it can produce the same amount in only 4 days with a saving of 47,000 dollars.

You may think that these examples are far from your world. You read these incredible stories and these case studies and think that some successes are impossible to repeat, and that some companies have been blessed with good fortune.


How can you, therefore, make the dream of increasing earnings more real for you, even without Ford’s investment budget?

In spite of the fact that the International Data Corporation (world leader specialized in market research) foresees an increase in the additive sector of 35 billion dollars for 2020:

The problem of 3D printing is that information is still hazy and surrounded by an aura of mystery

It doesn’t help you to understand how to use this technology in your company.

There are various types of additive technology available on the market: some melt the powder with laser, some exploit Material Jetting, some favour the speed of binder jetting etc… many complicated words and jargon typical of highbrow engineers who don’t take the trouble to explain concepts in simple terminology.

Salesmen of 3D printers speak to you in their technical and unintelligible language hoping that you can immediately understand how this technology, which seems to come from outer space, works.

You still feel light years away from this technology, and even if it fascinates you and you know it could help you, you are afraid of making a bad investment and buying a 3D printer which you then cannot use, it doesn’t work as you would like and it has cost you more than it has made you save.

Education and training in the field of additive systems is the biggest obstacle which stops companies from investing in this technology according to 3D Printing Trends QI 2019 .


Here’s how to dissipate the black cloud which surrounds additive systems in order to innovate without danger

1)The first defence weapon which you can use is information!

Information makes your doubts melt away like butter melts on a hot pancake.

I fully believe in the saying “to know is to have power” because it is with knowledge that you can unveil the lies which hide behind the words of salesmen of standard 3D printers, and expose whoever wants to sell you technology you don’t need.

Following a blog or subscribing to a magazine on 3D printing is a good way to keep informed and absorb the secrets of this innovation in small mouthfuls.

On this page you will find an updated glossary which will help you decipher the hierogylphs of salesmen of standard 3D printers, so that you won’t be fooled by their obscure technicalities.

2)The second defence weapon is to surround yourself with experts on 3D printing who work closely with you and our team of technicians to adapt a 3D printer to your type of production.

Just as you would go to a tailor to have a made to measure suit for your daughter’s wedding, so you need a CUSTOMIZED 3D printer for your type of production.

Do not trust standard or general 3D printers: that is printers which produce with any material and standard printers usable for any production.

A standard 3D printer, not specialized in one material, not specific for the components you want to print, will not speed up your production, but will only cause mourning and problem after problem. Which problems? If you want to know more read here!

Does having a technical team specialized in 3D printing cost as much as a castle in Spain? Absolutely not and in the lines below you will discover how to find available expert technicians in additive manufacturing, FREE!

3) Take hold of the helm of your production!

If you do not print your components yourself, and you order them from a third party, that is the fearsome 3D printing Service, then it doesn’t make sense to invest in this technology because you will always depend on an external Service, which will make you wait, be very expensive and which will not give you  freedom or control on the production of your component.

You won’t be able to decide anything: production costs, production times and methods; you will be a slave to other companies and will not be able to decide what is best for yours.

Even worse: you will have to fight daily with “downtime” which has hidden costs and will halve the company coffers without you even noticing.

4)Do not trust people trust only numbers

When Galileo Galilei pointed his telescope towards the sky and realized that the Ptolemaic System (the Earth is at the centre of the solar system) was wrong, he had to reckon with the Church who wanted him to recant, and the narrow-minded scientists who did not want to accept such an overwhelming new theory.

Yet Galileo Galilei, even if he had to sign a document where he swore “he had seen badly” to agree with the Church and not lose his head, had, on his side, indisputable proof visible to everyone.

In the end the whole scientific community had to agree with Galileo and Pope John Paul II had to delete the sentence and ask his forgiveness.

Why does a scientist need proof to demonstrate a theory while you, on the other hand simply believe the claims of the salesmen of standard 3D printers?

When a producer of 3D printers promises that with his machine your production will be faster and you will earn more, before blindly believing him and entrusting your hard earned money, it is right that you demand to have concrete data based not only on the standard component which has nothing to do with your production, but on YOUR components.

Some producers instead print, for free, one of your components to test their machine; but what can you understand by simply looking at one piece printed in 3D? you will find the answer in this article, which has helped many businessmen to avoid falling into the trap of the “test sample”.

Do not believe the promises of any producer of standard 3D printers without having real data and the results of tests carried out on YOUR components

Let’s go back to the initial question, which has kept you glued to this article like a bee to honey, and which  will now overwhelm you like a hurricane:

Is your company ready or not to adopt 3D printing in its production chain?

The answer is: Perhaps…

Nobody can tell you with certainty and no producer of 3D is a fortune teller who can look in his crystal bowl and guarantee that additive systems will speed up your production, will reduce costs and increase your earnings.

Each production is a case apart and must be assessed singly: in fact a 3D printer must adapt to your type of production and not the other way round!

The only solution is to have real data which forecasts the future of your company and avoids risky investments which will bankrupt you.

Nobody can ensure that additive systems will make you rich because

3D printing is not suitable for all types of production

Additive systems are not the battle horse of all businesses and nor the hen with the golden eggs for all types of companies.

As I have already mentioned, you cannot understand a pipe simply by looking at a test sample, even if it is one of your components; to debunk the rumours on 3D printing and understand if your production is suitable for this type of technology you must have numbers:

1)economic costs detailing how much it will cost to print your component in 3D;

2)financial costs: to avoid the shock when you discover how much money your 3D printer is eating up and which hidden costs are weighing on your income;

3)production times which shows with no ifs or buts how much faster you will produce YOUR components compared to the time taken now using traditional methods;

 How can you obtain these figures if no Service or producer of 3D printers give them to you?

How can you obtain production costs and time on your components without paying a load of money to buy a 3D printer?

And above all, how can you be helped by a team of experts in additive systems to compare the results of tests carried out on your components, and to work out together what is best for your company?

The only way to do it WITHOUT buying a 3D printer,  without spending years on study and research and without spending a load of money, is 3D4YOU.

3D4YOU is the only customized course which will allow you to check if a 3D printer specialized in steel, is suitable for your type of production and if it will make you earn more and faster, compared to what you are doing now.

Through 3D4YOU you will have your components printed and the results

of the test carried out on your production, with 3D printing experts by your side

who will help you,

and together with your technicians will work out the best solution for your type of production

You won’t be throwing money away on a huge investment, and you won’t run the risk of losing even small change because:

With the zero risks GUARANTEE, for whatever reason the 3D4YOU course did not satisfy you, you will get your money back, down to the last cent

so accessing 3D4YOU will practically cost you nothing, while sitting on the fence and watching other companies grow and develop, and asking yourself if 3D printing is suitable for your production or not, will cost the future of your company, as well as the millions of hidden costs and other dark sides of the chip removal method, with which you are dealing every day.

Is your company ready for 3D printing? The only way to find out, without hurting yourself, spending money and time for nothing, is to click on this link. where you will find precious information on 3D4YOU,  dissipating any doubts or fears you may have.

If you don’t feel like reading other pages full of print, watch the video which you will find on the page and which will explain in detail all the steps of 3D4YOU.

P.s: since a 3D printer must adapt to your type of production the 3D4YOU course is customized, therefore we will work and judge your specific case; for this reason I and my technicians can only assist 4 companies a month.

Time is running out fast and places are being filled up! Click here to book your place!

P.P.S: What happens after 3D4YOU? You will not be forced to buy any 3D printer; but you will have, at last, the answer that many other businessmen like you are looking for : is your company suitable and ready for 3D printing?

P.P.P.S: I promised you a gift of  a complete training course on how to use a 3D printer and in fact: if you access 3D4YOU premium (this is also covered by the zero risk guarantee) you will have a training course with our technicians specialized in 3D, for the value of 840 euro, given to you FREE! Come and pick up your gift NOW: click here!

Ivano Corsini

Ivano Corsini

Fondatore e CEO di 3D4MEC Srl
Creatore di CorSystem - Stampa 3D Superveloce per la meccanica

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