Is 3D printing possible using all the steel-based powders you want without being tied to a single supplier?

Is 3D printing possible using all the steel-based powders you want without being tied to a single supplier?

Find out how to choose the best supplier for the metal-based powders of your choice to meet all your customers’ most difficult needs, secure more orders and earn more.

  • Delays in deliveries of components;
  • Powders which cost the earth because 3D printer manufacturers apply their brand to the powders;
  • Impossibility of choosing the metal-based powder you need for the component you want to produce, only because it is not available on your supplier’s list;

These are only 3 of the countless disadvantages for companies who are chained  to a single supplier of powders.

Did you know that more than 150 types of metal-based powders are available on the market?

Why, then, is the average offer of 3D printer manufacturers reduced to only 10 powders?

Perhaps all the metal-based powders are inferior in quality or too expensive?

No, this is not the reason why choice is so limited.

Before answering this question and giving you the passkey to access all the metal-based powders you need for3D printing, I have to tell you about what I received in the post a few months ago.

Normally I ‘m not in a hurry to read letters sent to me by post because they are usually bills, or boring advertising leaflets.

One day, however an envelope caught my attention.

It was yellow and chunky, heavier than what I normally receive, and it contained a small treasure.

The small treasure was a commonplace razor.

I laughed but was amazed that a company had sent me a gift of a razor.

Since I didn’t have a favourite razor of my own, I decided to use this one immediately. I thought I was lucky to have received a good quality razor completely free of charge.

A few weeks later I figured out what was behind it all.

Why had they given me a good quality razor?

As a child ,I  had always been taught that you don’t get something for nothing.

When I needed to change the razor head, after a couple of weeks, I caught on to the scam.

The same rip.-off I had received from manufacturers of printers, in whose hands I put myself, when I first started my business adventure.

The same rip-off which could cause you to lose a great deal of money if you trust any  D printer manufacturer who hides the truth.

<<Which Truth?>>

I will explain by going back to the example of the free razor.

When the razor head was worn out I had to order another one and, guess what?

Each razor has its own special razor head. If I wanted to use the free razor, I could buy the razor heads only from the producer of that particular razor, and only the razor heads of that particular type.

I couldn’t buy razor heads of another brand even if they cost less.

The razor is like the 3D printer I would have bought: once I had finished the metal-based powder, I would have had to buy supplies from the same manufacturer.

In the same way, if you want to use your 3D printer, you can buy the materials  and the metal-based powders only from the company who sold you the printer.

Here then is the scam.  I was sent the free razor so that the company could subsequently earn on the sales of the razor heads.

“But the manufacturer of my printer told me this. I know I have to buy the metal-based powders from his company.”

So what is he is not saying?

What he isn’t saying is:

As  the replacements of the razor heads have sky-high prices, so too for 3D printers brand metal-based powders cost much more than the ones sold directly by producers of powders.

It is not a novelty that brand products cost more; what you should ask yourself is: how much more?

Sharpen your eyes and get a calculator because the answer is hidden in the numbers!

According to a research by Roland Berger, a market strategy company, a kilo of stainless steel 316L bought directly from the producer of metal-based powders, costs 50 euro per kg.

The same quality of the same type of steel-based powder bought from a manufacturer of 3D printers, costs on average 160 euro.

Imagine two possible storylines:

  1. You buy your metal-based powders from your 3D printer manufacturer, choosing among only 10 powders listed in his catalogue.

Let’s pretend that the powder container of your printer has a capacity of 50 kg and you need to fill it all to make your printer work.

Just to fill the printer you must spend: 50×160= 8.000

  1. You buy the powders directly from the metal-based powder producer, choosing among more than 150 different types.

In order to fill the same container of 50 kg you would spend : 50×50= € 2.500

€ 8.000 vs € 2.500!

Result: to buy those paltry 10 powders from your 3D printer manufacturer costs 300% more.

Imagine if you could save that sum:

Could you make different choices for you company, choices which you are not making now because of the expense? Which other investments could you initiate to make your production more efficient instead of giving your money away to manufacturers of  standard 3D printers.

According to Wohlers Report, the bible of 3D printers, manufacturers have inflated prices to ensure that you and your wallet will be tied to them for life.

The point is:

It is not so serious if you are limited in the choice of a razor; only your beard and your face are involved.

But what if it involves your company?

What if  you are not free to choose the best materials for your components?

When you cannot accept all your clients’ orders, it is not only a question of ‘losing face’ because you are not making a good impression, but you are also risking your earnings and the survival of your company.

If I were one of your ‘loyal customers’ and I asked you for a component in stainless steel which your printer cannot make, I would go away empty-handed and dissatisfied.

I would not give you a good reference.

I would ruin your reputation so that  finding new clients would become more and more difficult for you.

The truth is that …

3D printers for metals which are currently on the market are like the common razor: they are made to earn money for their manufacturers, not to satisfy your needs and requirements.

They are standard machines which eat up your money!

Technically speaking, how is it possible that my printer can only work with some types of powders?”

I will explain in a simple way:

Producers of standard systems apply software and hardware blocks to:

  • Stop you from using all the metal-based powders you need;
  • Force you to restock from their company always;
  • Make you pay 300% more for the powders;

This is the real reason why manufacturers of 3D printers, like cunning and well hidden foxes, are ruining your company:


You have just bought a new 3D printer for metals from a manufacturer who has quoted a good price.

A customer arrives, you are eager to produce the first steel component and have an order in hand.

What if you cannot satisfy his requirements.

“I’m sorry I can’t meet your needs. My 3D printer can’t work with this type of metal-based powder that your require.”

“But I need a piece for a machine which must be made with powder for that specific material.”

And while you are bending over backwards and wishing that your technician could become a wizard and work miracles, the customer replies “It doesn’t matter, I’ll go to another supplier.”

All you can do at this point is watch your customer leave, taking with him a potential source of earning.

If up to now you have bought a 3D printer which only works with 10 types of metal-based powders, it isn’t because you don’t know how to do your job, or because you have been careless when buying or you didn’t do your research properly:

The truth is that people have lied to you:

They lied also to me when I wanted to buy a 3D printer.

And they are lying to all businessmen and technicians who are interested in the world of 3D printers for metals.

Ignorance in this case pays, it pays and enriches the manufacturers of 3d printers who, actually, have no interest in selling you a product which can be exploited 100%.

Let’s be honest: everyone wants to earn.

Just as you want to increase your earnings by investing in a 3D printer to reduce costs and speed up production, so also I want to earn.

If manufacturers of 3D printers make you pay 300% more for their metal-based powders because they want to make a profit, there is nothing wrong with this.

As you can see recursive marketing is a strategy that many companies use in different sectors.

Marketing strategy is not the real problem which should cause you to be wary of 3D printer manufacturers who only offer 10 types of powder.

What is the real swindle you must absolutely avoid, if you don’t want to find yourself with a 3D printer which doesn’t produce what you need?

The real swindle is that they don’t tell you what the real swindle is!

The producers of standard 3D printers are swindling you because often:

  • They don’t tell you that the powders cost 300% more just because they are branded.
  • They don’t tell you that they only have 10 of the varieties of powders for steel on the market.
  • They don’t tell you that if they don’t have the particular powder  you need, you will not be able to produce the component you want, in the material you want, with their 3D printer.
  • And what is worse: they are vague about the fact that the 3D printer that you will buy has software and hardware limits.

Going back to the example of the razor:

You know that, by buying that type of razor, you can only use the razor heads of the same mother company as the razor.

A razor however does not have the same costs as a 3D printer, as the powders and the costs of production.

Basically, if producers of razors lie to you, you stand to lose little money.

If, however, it is manufacturers of standard 3D printers who are lying to you, then you stand to lose your profits, and you risk buying a 3D printer which costs you the earth, and which you are not able to use to produce the component you need.

Therefore, memorize these points and stop believing these lies or you will lose your company’s profits.

Manufacturers of 3D printers do not tell you that:

  • Other metal-based powders exist and that, in their catalogue, they have only 10 of these other 150;
  • Your 3D printer has a limit to the powders it can use, therefore, you will never be able to print everything you need;
  • there is no difference between the powders they buy and the ones they sell to you;
  • they make you pay up to 300% for each component that you produce with your 3D printer;

There is really no difference in quality between the powders sold to you by the producers of powders and those sold to you by the manufacturers of standard 3D printers.

It is well-known that a good coat with a designer label costs more, not only because of the prestige of the stylist, but also because it really is a coat of a higher quality, which will last longer.

On the other hand a cheaper coat, bought from a market stall, will not last you long because of the inferior quality of the cloth.

Steel-based powders, however, cost more only because the manufacturer of the standard 3D printer puts his own brand on the powder and triples the cost.

Are you ready then to take on the risk of trusting your money and the choice of such an important investment to manufacturers who don’t tell you the whole story, and do not have a transparency policy?

I don’t think so, unless you are willing to lose large sums of capital.

Here are the 3 factors that will damage your earnings if you put yourself in the hands of manufacturers of standard 3D printers.

1) You will be forced to buy a 3D printer which only works with a few powders.

Your customers will not be satisfied and many will turn to your competitors.

2) The metal-based powders you buy from manufacturers of standard 3D printers will cost you 300% more than if you bought them directly from suppliers of powders.

In this way the cost of each component that you produce will be 300% higher.

So producing in 3D will no longer be an advantage.

In the long term, the 3D printer will no longer be an intelligent investment but a money eating machine.

3) You will always be limited in the choice of supplier.

You will not be able to buy powders from whoever you want. You will have to go to the company  which sold you the printer, even if you know they will make you pay more.

Freedom of choice in how you spend your money and which raw material to use to produce your components, is the basic requirement if you want your company to be a success.

If you are reading this article it is because you are looking for a solution…

Discover the only solution to choose any metal-based powder and make your earnings rise.

I know you were expecting a magic formula, an immediate and simple solution; I also looked for this for a long time, but it doesn’t exist.

In fact a 3D printer which allows you to use all the powders currently on the market doesn’t exist.

That is why, in order to change the rules of the market, I created a system which allows you to:

  • Make 3D printers efficient, productive and economical as they should be, to make you earn money and gain time;
  • Use all the powders available on the market;
  • Buy directly for the producers of metal powders for 3D printers and gives you a saving of up to 78% on costs;
  • Avoid being tied to anyone, not even to me. Finally you will be free to make the choices which are the most economical for your company;

Why have I done this?

As a buyer I discovered that the world of 3D printers is full of sharks who are dying to get hold of your money.

It took me three years to create this system suitable for the mechanical industry, since , like you, I am also part of that world.

How do I know this?

Because I have created a system and not simply a 3D printer for steel like all the other manufacturers.

Because my system has been created on the premise of an objective fact:

A 3D printer which is suitable for everyone cannot exist!

Just as a perfect razor for all types of beards cannot exist.

Everyone has a different face, a type of skin, a different  beard, therefore everyone should have their own personalized razor.

In the same way, everyone should have their own 3D printer made especially for their productive needs.

Standard 3D printers for metals, because of the very fact that they are standard, still guarantee good results, but, to obtain better results, the only way is the complete and precise customization of the whole system.

You should be able to choose a 3D printer which is truly a profitable investment for your company.

A 3D printer which allows you to produce up to 68% of your mechanical components more quickly than traditional methods.

I have therefore decided to be the tailor of 3D printers studying a system which I call Corsystem – the final method to produce more quickly and earn more with a 3D printer for steel.

Click on the button below to open the treasure chest which contains all the metal-based powders, even the ones which have been hidden from you.

No, it isn’t a button click which will lead you to buy a printer.

“Why don’t you sell me a printer directly?”

How can I sell you a 3D printer for steel if I don’t know who you are, your company, the product you are selling or your production needs?

Like a tailor, who, before sewing a suit asks for your measurements, so  must I do the same with you.

Otherwise, I would be a manufacturer of 3D printers for steel like all the others. I would not be selling a system, I would be selling a standard product which may not be suitable for you.

I don’t want to sell you a 3D printer which will end up in a corner of your company, gathering dust because it has not been designed specifically for your production needs.

Tell me who you are and what you do, and I will tell you which type of 3D printer for steel you need to increase your earnings, speed up your production and save on the cost of the powders.

What must you do to begin using Corsystem?

Click on this button!

The form helps us to know who you are and what your production needs are.

Once you have filled in all the required fields, you will be contacted by one of our experts for a first customized and specific consultancy during which he will answer all your questions.  Following that, together with the expert, you will fix an appointment at our company offices: don’t worry we won’t take up too much of your time, maximum an hour.

We know you are a busy entrepreneur and we don’t want to fill your diary with other commitments.

Together with you, our expert will analyse the components you would like to produce with the 3D4STEEL printer and will proceed by studying the various methods of production.

As you can see it is a proper one-to-one consultancy. We treat every customer as a special case!

P.S. Unfortunately I have some bad news for you:

In our company we have some very exacting tailors who will ask you various questions, in order to provide you with the best consultancy possible, on how to use the method Corsystem and the 3D4STEEL printer in your company.

These tailors cannot please everyone because, being very precise and fussy, they need to study your needs in depth.


If you want to exploit the method Corsystem, you will have to hurry and fill in the form or another competitor could take your place and have his customized 3D4STEEL printer before you!

Picture of Ivano Corsini

Ivano Corsini

Fondatore e CEO di 3D4MEC Srl
Creatore di CorSystem - Stampa 3D Superveloce per la meccanica

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