Tariff war between USA and China: how to defend yourself from the looming economic crisis before it is too late

Tariff war between USA and China: how to defend yourself from the looming economic crisis

before it is too late


While I was in the bar the other day watching all the other entrepreneurs in their jackets and ties reading the newspaper, I noticed they all had the worried and despondent look of people who are aware that the world is falling apart and are of wondering how to save themselves.

Yet there was nothing in the newspaper announcing a new apocalypse, but only the usual news on foreign affairs and economics, which, in many ways sends shivers up and down the spine.

You may think that journalists enjoy embroidering the news and transforming it into drama, yet a new crisis is in the air and if you are not ready to handle it you may find yourself having to succumb, this time round.

The dangers which for now seem just ink staining the newspaper, are true and proper bombs, ready to blow up your company and I am speaking about:


the downtrend in European growth

the economic and technological war between China and the USA

Gregorio De Felice, chief economist of Intesa San Paolo, has declared that the Mechanical Sector could suffer from the economic crisis more than other sectors because of a reduction in investments, above all in Italy, leading to a reduction in productivity.

An unproductive sector is a sector which doesn’t sell much, earns little and risks going up in smoke.

Do you really want to be among the companies, which by 2021 will already be considered  old-fashioned and slow? Continue reading to access, without risks, the secret weapon which will shut out the crisis from your company forever.

 Don’t be fooled by the war between China and the USA, because China in truth is one of the emerging countries with a growth of 1.2% and with a 13% contribution to global exports.

How can China obtain such success, while USA is trying to halt its growth?

Because China is one of the countries which invests most in technological progress, so much so that David Goldman, American intellectual author of How Civilizations Die (and Why Islam Is Dying Too), has declared that it is China and not the Western world who will win the technological war.

Facts and figures say much more than words: according to the World Bank, in 1987 the Chinese per capita GDP was 251 dollars; in 2017 it had increased to 8,894 dollars, that is the GDP had multiplied 35 times .

These concrete results brought:

1)faster motorways

2)magnetic levitation trains that go at 600 km an hour (just like the Italian trains, huh)

3)enormous ports

4)skyscrapers symbolizing wealth

And 3D printers.

How can you, an entrepreneur of a small-medium sized business compete with a population of untiring and determined workers, and with such an advanced technology.

You have two options:

1)work non-stop, morning and night; push your machines and employees to the extreme and hope to get away with it;

2)take you future into your hands and find a strategy to earn faster and at low cost;

Here is how 3D printing can speed up your production, reducing costs and leaving only your competitors in a crisis:

1)Speed up your production even if you have to produce geometrically complex components

Your mechanical production will surpass others thanks to impossible geometrics printing, carried out in one single phase.

In a short time you will be able to produce components with:

internal cavities;

complex internal structures and non – linear trajectories, such as cooling pipes;

curved geometric figures which are impossible to produce using traditional methods,

in one SINGLE step.

You won’t have to assemble the pieces, one at a time, as you do with traditional methods and you won’t have to involve extra operators in various additional working days.

The time you save can be used to produce more and even to beat those workaholic Chinese.

Moreover, producing a complex component, also known as impossible geometrics will cost you very little, just because the entire structure can be produced in one single printing session.


2) Your designer’s work will be faster and more precise

Unless you are still using the drafting table, you have already put one foot into the future by exploiting CAD technology to design your components.

What is missing now is the next step which is to connect the CAD to your 3D printer, enabling you to produce components without the usual intermediary steps, which only make you waste time and money.

Today the work in the technical office of a company, which still uses traditional methods, is made up of these long phases which causes the work of your operators  to become an imprecise word of mouth, slowing down production:

the designer has a project for a component in mind (first step)

he designs the component (second step)

he shows a machine tools operator how to adapt the design (third step)

The operator is an intermediary between the idea and the finished component and has the job of interpreting the design of the graphic designer and giving it a shape (fourth step). You can imagine that, compared to what a 3D printer can achieve, in this case, the intermediary work done by a human is open to a wider error margin.

Finally the operator will have to carry out more steps and delegate others, using the apparatus and machine tools of traditional methods.

Alternatively, what could happen to your company with a 3D printer?

  • The graphic designer drafts the technical design of the component to be produced using CAD software;
  • The CAD is connected to the 3D printer and orders the printer to produce the component;
  • The component is produced exactly as indicated by the machine with the precise technology of virtual software.

As you can see the steps are reduced to three.

Are you still wondering how to speed up your production, reducing costs?

3) Reduce costs with 3D printing

Costs are reduced just because the steps to follow to produce a component are reduced.

As well as reducing costs you will increase earnings because you could double the number of components produced, and sell more than you are doing today, without overworking your employees and giving up your Sundays with the family and friends.

Obviously traditional methods are not going to disappear in a cloud of smoke from one day to the next, so don’t be fooled by people who try to tell you otherwise!

Even before deciding to install a 3D printer in your company, you must be able to test one, print your components and verify, with tests and precise data, if additive systems really will reduce costs and time of production.

Just because I don’t want you to believe in the miracles of 3D through the words, articles or the advertising buffs of some salesmen who are too optimistic, I have created the only customized course in the world, 3D4YOU which gives you the chance to:

Try out a 3D printer on your production and have data on how you can produce your components much faster and with reduced costs

With 3D4YOU you will have:

1) A test run, without risks, on a printer specialized in steel, which will allow you to print YOUR components;

2)Customization: not only is the technical assistance during the course customized for your production needs, but also the 3D printer itself, which will be adapted to your type of production, like an elegant suit made to measure;

3)you will discover the printing parameters to produce your components in a fast and and most economical way possible; at last you will know if you can speed up your production, reduce costs and earn more with a 3D printer;

4)you will have a document in hand, the result of tests carried out on YOUR components, which will show you how much faster you will produce and the economic and production costs; this data will be your winning weapon leaving your competitors light years behind you;

5)Customized technical assistance for your needs which will take up only an hour of your time; 3D4YOU is a simple and quick course which will give you the least worries possible;

6)And much more: discover for yourself in the post scriptum at the end of the article;

How much will you risk with 3D4YOU?

Now like Dante Alighieri; you have before you three options:

  • Continue what you are doing: put your trust in traditional methods and see your company devoured by unsustainable expenses, by the looming economic crisis, by the custom tariff war which impoverishes the market creating hatred, unsound competition and useless wars.

While your competitors speed up their production with 3D printing and other technologies, your slow production will struggle to survive the innovative needs of the market. Obviously this will be your HELL, which will become even more scorching hot if you buy a 3D printer directly, without having first tested it on your components, adapted it to your production and having verified that you will earn more.

Then there is Purgatory: you won’t use a 3D printer but you will put your trust in Service which will make you pay through the nose for each printed component and which will become your worst nightmare, when Service makes you wait months to deliver a piece which you need urgently.

Finally there is Heaven, beyond the sphere of fire, where you will be able to print all the components you need, independently, quickly and at low costs, trying out a 3D printer without buying it, thanks to the 3D4YOU course.

Heaven is a a Paradise just because you will not risk anything:

With the Zero Risk Guarantee of 3D4YOU you will have all your money back down to the last cent, if, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with the course

Yes, that’s right, that is why Heaven is a Paradise: because you have only benefits and you risk nothing.

Make you choice: click on the link to know more about 3D4YOU and enjoy the short video which will clear up any doubts.

P.S. you will also have the chance to access a super specialized training course which will make you independent in the use of the 3D printer, and which will also instruct your technicians on how to speed up production with the technology of the future.

P.P:S. 3D4YOU is a customized course where we follow you step by step and are at your complete disposal, therefore we cannot accept more than 4 companies a month. By clicking on the link below the video you will discover if there is still room for you.


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