Here are 2 ways to earn with a company 3D printer for steel, swamping your competitors

Here are 2 ways to earn with a company 3D printer for steel, swamping your competitors

Even if you are contracting to third parties


Is 3D printing a technology which will fatten the revenue only of giant companies, which have spectacular turnovers and an investment potential that small-medium Italian companies can only dream of, or is it a technology within everyone’s reach?

If you are in doubt it is because in the world of internet and on TV people only talk about companies like Ford, Nike, NASA, the American Navy and other giant companies which have installed 3D printers in their production chain, and are now wallowing in gold.

You are completely within your rights to ask yourself:  What’s in it for me? and I have written this article specifically to give you an answer to that question.

If you are a Manufacturer-Direct and you want to discover how to earn with a 3D printer, then read this article; if you work on behalf of third parties read below:

you will discover how even a contractor can become rich thanks to 3D printing

and you will discover it with concrete examples, which you could come across daily, without any flights of fancy,  or pie in the sky promises or examples which are a far cry from your daily reality.

Before handing over the secrets of this gold mine, there are two premises:

1)while other blogs lead you to believe that this road to riches is for everyone, be aware that this is not so. Not all companies can benefit from 3D printing and not because you need millions to buy one, but because it is not worthwhile for all types of production to use this technology, in terms of economy and production time.

How can we discover this? Read to the end of the article and you will find a SOLUTION which will give you answers that you are looking for and a super guarantee which will save you from losing time and money.

2)Why should you use a 3D printer in your production chain, starting today, because tomorrow it may be too late?

A Ricoh-Censuswide survey has revealed that: 90% of decision makers of medium sized Italian, German, British, French and Spanish companies identify the lack of technological innovation as one of the main causes for loss of turnover.

Do you want your company to become a museum piece, extinct because of lack of technological innovation?

This is how to avoid that

The first way a contractor can exploit to earn more than he is currently earning with traditional methods is:

1)In this case you are not the Manufacturer-Direct of packaging machines, but you work for third parties and a customer who has asked you to produce spare parts for his machinery.

If the customer specifies that you must produce his components with traditional methods, you can only satisfy his request, even if producing them with a 3D printer would cost you, and also the customer, less.

If, on the other hand, you produce for a third party and your customer is open to innovation and authorizes you to use a 3D printer, then you will have benefits which will wipe out your competitors:

1)You save on production costs so you will have a wider margin when you sell the component; you will earn not only time but also a lot of extra money! How much more? You will find out below;

2)You can lower the prices of your printed components, so your customer will always come back to you, because your prices are exceptionally economical;

3)your customer will save money and you will produce components which cost you less at a competitive price;

4)your rivals will not be able to compete with your prices, adding together the high production costs, due to traditional methods, and the few customers they will have, they will be forced to shut down;

5)you can produce the components at the very moment your customer orders them, therefore on demand; you will no longer have storage costs to cover or a fixed asset  which does not generate a profit;

You will become the Amazon of your sector, upsetting the business of all competitors still using traditional methods, because your prices will be unbeatable. 

Not only…

You will be one of the first to exploit 3D printing and supply  customers with a unique service which others cannot offer.

2)You produce spare parts for your machinery

A machine breaks down, what do you do?

Years ago an important machine broke down right in the middle of an order for one of my most important customers, and I remember that nightmare week as if it were yesterday.

In brief: I had to order a spare part from Germany and, while I was waiting for delivery, I had to make do to continue my production.

Unfortunately I was not able to carry out the order on time and I lost the customer. It was not the fault of the supplier, even if he was late in the delivery of the spare part, but mine, because I had put my company in the hands of others.

If you really want to become a rich and powerful entrepreneur like an emperor, you must put your company entirely in your own hands and depend only on yourself, not on external suppliers.

You probably store all your spare parts in your warehouse, unexploited and inactive capital left rotting for years, which you have already paid for,receiving no earnings in exchange.

The merchandise in your warehouse is material you have already paid for and which has not yet given fruit: it is like a black hole eating up your money and for which you are STILL paying, with maintenance and running costs, without even realizing it.

If you want to know more about the hidden costs of storage, read this article which you will find enlightening.

3D printing comes to the rescue like a super hero freeing you from the bonds of laggard sloth suppliers, from unforeseen machine breakages which stop your production, and from hidden storage costs which are a burden on your revenue.

With a 3D printer you produce your components at the moment of ordering, therefore on demand, independently and quickly.

  • No more stress
  • You will face all hitches in a positive and serene way;
  • Your production will be a well-oiled cog; you will have the certainty that nothing will delay your production and you will be able to satisfy your customers’ orders on time;
  • Customers will reward your speed and punctuality, which will become your distinguishing traits, compared to all other competitors producing with traditional methods, which are slow and rusty;

Now let’s analyse the benefits that giant companies have obtained thanks to additive methods:

1)Nike produces customized shoes and this novelty has increased its turnover by 13%;

2)Tory Group, the British packaging company, has installed 3D printing in its production chain and has expanded to other countries like USA, Belgium, Hong Kong and Brazil;

3)Ford has reduced its production time from 4 months to only 4 days, cutting production costs by 94%;

These figures are amazing and perhaps you are asking yourself how you could achieve these results.


No manufacturer of 3D printers will ever guarantee that a 3D printer producers faster and you can earn a ton of money

Even if there are salesmen of 3D printers, which you perhaps have met in the various trade fairs, or whose blogs you read, who will try and make you believe that they can sell you the secrets of the goldmine, be aware that this is not true.

Never believe anyone who promises the moon, but behave like a scientist and have faith only in numbers.

Since I am very skeptical, as I assume you are when it is a question of investing capital to expand your company, I only trust evidence and it is for this reason that I have created the only customized course in the world 3D4YOU which is able to give you concrete proof, which other manufacturers of 3D printers do not give you.

Here is the unique chance to:

Discover if a 3D printer is suitable for your production, with tests carried out on YOUR components

Just like before buying a car, you want to test drive it, check that it doesn’t consume too much, and that maintaining it will not cost a fortune, so you must test a 3D printer and check how much faster it will produce, and how much it will cost you to print your components with this technology.

With 3D4YOU, as well as printing YOUR components and checking the economic impact this technology will have on your production, you will receive a detailed document which will reveal:

1)How much it will cost you to print your components in 3D on an economic and financial level;

2)how much time it will take to produce them;

3)if 3D printing is worthwhile for your type of production or if it will become a black hole eating up your revenue;

3D4YOU was created from the very idea of saving you from throwing away money on an investment which you do not need, or worse, which would be a disaster for your company coffers , that is why:

You will have all your money back, if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the course, thanks to the zero risk Guarantee

“I don’t have time”

“This technology is too futuristic for me and my team and we are not ready for it”

“I am afraid of investing in a technology which will give me more headaches than satisfaction”

“I’ve got other things to do”

“I am not prepared to upset my whole production”

All these doubts and thoughts which are limiting and prevent you achieving riches and growth, will evaporate in cloud of smoke thanks to the zero risk GUARANTEE of 3D4YOU, thanks to the customized assistance which will study your specific case and examine, together with your technicians, the impact of a 3D printer on your production chain.

It is up to you to decide whether to wait and lose this unique opportunity of testing a 3D printer without buying it, or whether to be like the companies which today are extinct, because they have closed up like a clam in the face of progress, without even investigating.

Doing nothing however is costing you precious money every day and you are not even aware of it.

Click here or on the red button below to access 3D4YOU today, because I can PERSONALLY follow only 4 companies a month and you could already be excluded.

P.S: Don’t forget the zero risk Guarantee is there to overcome your fear and give you the courage that has made each great entrepreneur, supreme.

You could be the one on the next Forbes or Millionaire cover.

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