The biggest danger which has already struck the FBI and NASA and could also damage you

The biggest danger which has already

struck the FBI and NASA

and could also damage you

What am I talking about? What am I referring to? And when did it happen? Hear for yourself what happened to the impenetrable central database of the most famous secret service in the world.

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington, United States

Agent XX drinks the last drop of his coffee sitting in front of his PC before leaving work to return home.

The night is calm and a little dull, the annoying blue light of the computer monitor is the only friend keeping the company of the people who are still working in the office.

It is nearly midnight in the headquarters of the FBI secret services, when agent XX suddenly spills his coffee over the keyboard, and lets out a howl of rage mixed with terror at what he has just seen: “Someone has hacked into our software and some Top Secret documents have been revealed. Nobody is safe on internet anymore!”

It looks like the plot of a Hollywood spy film, instead it is real news reported on 8th March by Citrix, world leader in data security for online platforms, declaring that 10 Terabyte of data has been violated.

Citrix is a multinational software company which provides services for desktop displays, networking and Cloud, to companies all over the world, including NASA and the FBI.

In simple words: Citrix creates virtual filing cabinets around the world and rents them to companies  for the  safekeeping of company files and classified information.

Unfortunately internet is not a safe place for anyone, not even the FBI, that had revealed the intrusion of fearsome hackers, that is the pirates of the net, some days before.

You may be wondering why this news should worry you…

You must be aware that whoever approaches the black forest of additive systems, does not always choose to directly contact the salesmen of standard 3D printers, but prefers rather to rely on a 3D printing Service to produce their components.

According to the analysis carried out by SmarTech, the companies who approach 3D printing favour Service.

Why is this sort of online “print shop”, which prints components in 3D for you, the first choice of companies?

Because they are the simpler choice, since there is no need for you to buy a 3D printer and know how to work it, maintain it, pay running costs etc.

The simplest choices, however, are not always the most sound and most intelligent ones.

As a matter of fact, in order to work with Service you are compelled to hand over your CAD designs and your precious CONFIDENTIAL projects, and upload them to a Cloud platform, the same platform which has already been violated many times by pirates of the net.

Imagine the files of your treasured projects and the ideas of your graphic designers in the hands of strangers, of Iranian criminals belonging to the Iridium group or, even worse,  in the claws of your competitors.

The pirates of the net, hackers in computer jargon, are real thieves who steal from you, just like the thieves who break into your home.

Buying a 3D printer at first will involve more money, more time and competence, but at least it gives you the SECURITY that all your projects, your products, your components and your company files will remain secret and always in your custody.

Delegating the work to Service, will seem the simpler choice but it is decidedly the most RISKY.

Just as the FBI files were violated by Iranian hackers, so could your CAD files, which you upload on cloud, be stolen.

If you rely on 3D printing Service your precious files

could be stolen by Iranian criminals

and pirates of the net

Apart from this serious danger, which could put your company in trouble, it is worth noting that placing an order with Service to print your components will cost you  tons of money and will make you lose an endless amount of time.

Instead if you own a 3d printer you can just print your components when needed, that is in the exact moment your require them, for example when a machine breaks down and you need a spare part; with Service, instead, you have to wait

And wait

And wait

And you never know when your component will arrive.

When you place an order, Service cannot immediately fill the printing bed only with your order and push the button in a few seconds, because to print only for you would cost Service an exaggerated amount of money.

To avoid this inconvenience, Service has to WAIT for other clients to place orders for similar components, in order to completely fill the printing bed .

Service follows this procedure because otherwise it would cost too much to activate the printer just for your order.

It is easy to understand that many days and even months could elapse before Service receives an order similar to yours.

“But I can’t wait months. I can’t stop my production because a machine has broken down. I need the spare part tomorrow! Hallo? Hallo?”


It is also true, however, that to buy a 3D standard printer from any salesman involves various other problems:

-will you know how to operate the 3D printer once you have it in your company?

-how much will it cost to maintain, always functioning and long lasting?

-how many days or months will go by before you can exploit it and reap the benefits other companies are already enjoying?

-with your new 3D printer will you really be like Ford, which produced 500,000 components in only 4 days instead of the 4 months it took using traditional methods?

-how much will it cost to clean?

And above all:

Will you really produce and earn faster

with your new 3D printer?

The bad news is that no salesman of standard 3D printers will show you, with concrete proof and preliminary tests carried out on YOUR components, and with super precise calculations, if the 3d printer, for which you will invest mind-boggling sums of money, will speed up production and make you earn more.

I have also been through this and like you, I wanted to buy a 3D printer to lead my company into the future, but looking for the certainty, of which I will speak now, which would guarantee that my money will be well spent.

But that is another story which you can read in this article.

And here is the good news: by coming across this page you have the luck of getting to know:

The only existing method in the world

to try out a 3D printer specialized in steel,

WITHOUT having to buy it

and risk throwing away your money

This method is called 3D4YOU and is a customized course which will take up ONLY one hour of your time and will allow you to print YOUR components with the printer which my team has christened the Blue Bear.

The Blue Bear is the only 3D printer specialized in steel in the world. What are the advantages of this specialization? If you want to know the answer to this question, read the article which talks about it.

But there is much more…

From your components printed in 3D, you cannot understand, nor have the CERTAINTY, that the 3D printer you are thinking of buying, will speed up your production and by how much; above all you won’t know how much it could cost in the future to print your components.

For this reason, as well as your printed components:

You will be given a document with precise calculations

of how much it cost and how much time it took

to print the components requested by you

In detail you will receive in the document:

  • The financial costs which will tell you how much of your company portfolio you will have to sacrifice to print your components in 3D; you will always be able to keep an eye on your finances and at the end of the year you won’t have any nasty surprises concerning your balance to keep you awake at night;
  • The economic costs; your administrator will keep an account of each printed component; the profit you make from 3D printing will allow you to expand your company and enjoy well-earned luxury holidays without worrying about the costs;
  • The production times of one of YOUR components produced in 3D; by seeing in advance how fast your production will become, you will know for CERTAIN if buying a 3D printer will take you to the top, in front of your slower competitors;  you will become an unbeatable legend in your sector.

“But once I have bought the 3D printer, how can I be sure I will know how to use it?”

Here is the bombshell which I have not yet revealed:

You will be fully trained on how to use the 3D printer

by our specialized technicians

who will make you INDEPENDENT by the end of the course

Unfortunately you can have this training only if you access 3D4YOU Premium.

If you are wondering “how much money will I have to fork out!” breathe a sigh of relief, because:

With the 0 risk guarantee, if you are not satisfied with 3D4YOU,

for any reason whatsoever,

you will have ALL your money back to the last cent

You have read correctly, you will have all your money back unconditionally.

For information on 3D4YOU or if you only want to snoop, without commitment, click on this link and enjoy the video.

P.S: unluckily, since this is an extremely customized service, where I and my team of technical assistants look after your every need, I can only take care of 4 companies a month.

This month 2 places have already been taken by companies which are speeding up their production and which could be your competitors in the mechanical sector.

What are you waiting for?

P.P.S: Remember you won’t lose even one cent by trying out the 3D4YOU course and you won’t be forced to buy any 3D printer.

If you pass up this unique opportunity, there is a risk that, in the future, competitors, faster than you who have already invested in this avant-garde technology, will squash you like a mouse with giants.

Don’t let yourself be squashed, click here!

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